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Baume & Mercier Watches Official Stockist!

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We are extremely happy to be able to announce to you that we now stock Baume & Mercier Watches! Click here to take a closer look at the watches, and keep reading to find out more about the brand! Baume & Mercier are a luxury brand whose fundamental identity revolves around values of authenticity and accessibility. The brand’s core qualities are based on cherishing life’s most important moments and memories. Baume & Mercier has been developing its expertise for 188 years, proving that they have experience, and heritage too. This expertise is based on the principle of ‘établissage’. This means that each stage of the creation of timepieces is controlled in-house, as is the assembly of its components. This choice has been made to ensure the highest of quality, and reliability in the final product.

Excellence has become a tradition at Baume & Mercier. This excellence is based on the design and development of its products at the Maison’s headquarters in Geneva, and on the “établissage” process carried out at its workshops in les Brenets, in the Swiss Jura. This means that production is based in the home of watchmaking, giving each watch that Swiss made hallmark! Baume & Mercier makes sure to employ the highest skilled technicians to ensure a consistent level of quality.

Baume & Mercier watches are the result of the passion of these watchmakers and technicians. Everyone involved in the brand has a passion, and desire to innovate, which can be seen in the thousands of sketches, hundreds of hours of modelling, and years of development! As a company they look to bring a balance between creativity and technological possibilities, and they achieve this fantastically.

Baume & Mercier Watches

Baume & Mercier Watches – Quality Guaranteed

All watches go through rigorous testing, both movements and cases. This is to ensure that every timepiece that leaves the workshop functions according to Baume & Mercier’s tight specifications. The mechanical watches are tested on a machine for the movement’s accuracy and power reserve. Their function controls are also tested: setting the time, jumping date, chronograph and any other complication, which will guarantee the reliability and accuracy of any movement type, whether it be automatic, mechanical or otherwise.

The watches will then be put through further testing, to make sure that they comply to the standards set, regarding thermal shock testing, and water resistance. Each and every watch made in Les Brenets will also undergo a range of visual and aesthetic checks. Finally, to ensure consistent and flawless quality, each finished piece undergoes a final meticulous check before being sent to ourselves, to be sold to customers all around the world, both in-store and online!

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