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Our New Radley Watches

Radley Scottie Dog

Radley watches are a British brand, born in London, and now available worldwide! The Radley brand as a whole has gained a reputation for crafting different handbags and accessories for women. Their approach to business is clear, as they aim to produce products that combine functionality inside, with a new and on trend style on the outside! Blending creative design, quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, to produce popular products that have gained a huge fan base around the world!

One of the main selling points of Radley watches is the inclusion of the brand logo, that has become instantly recognizable since the brands relaunch back in 1998! The Scottie dog was chosen after the brand began the search for an icon to represent the company. they went for a very British looking dog, with a distinctive outline, and bright red collar, and dog lovers and fashionistas have fallen for the little Scottie dog, who remains the face of the brand still today!

Radley are constantly providing us with new and exciting models from their watch range, often including the Scottie Dog, just like these latest new models! Available in a few different colours and styles, these new models feature the Scottie dog sitting under a tree in the center of the dial with different flowers and patterns around. This model also features crystal set hour markers for added detail.

radley Watches

There are currently 4 new models in this collection, the RY4386 and RY4388 which come on stainless steel, or PVD plated metal bracelets, and then the RY2783 and the RY2788 which are both on leather straps! Radley watches offer a fantastic level of variation and choice, with so many different designs to choose from! Whether you are looking for a watch with a polka dot strap, one with a dangle charm, or just with a patternerd dial, radley have it all. Literally! you can shop these looks right now, in the form of the RY2565, RY4361 and the RY2680!

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