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The Storm Globe-X … Coming Soon

Storm Globe-X

A New Model on it’s Way? The Storm Globe-X

Storm watches have been known for some time now for producing unique, and out-there watches, meant to grab attention and push the boundaries of what we expect to see on a wristwatch. Now, in the past day or so, we have seen a quick teaser from Storm about a potential new model on it’s way, the Storm Globe-X.

From what we can find so far, the image above is the only look at this piece that we have had so far, and we are hoping to find out more soon! So, at a first glance, we can see that the dial is very complicated, in a subtle kind of way. We have a few different tones helping to organize each different element, with the background featuring lots of different technological rotors and framework. This looks to be completely aesthetic at this point as we would expect this model to feature a quartz battery powered movement that we see in the majority of Storm’s watches.

Storm Globe-X

However, what does seem quite intriguing on this model is that the full dial inside what looks to be roughly a 42mm case, is not actually home to the minute, hour, and seconds hands. These have been refined and condensed into a smaller sub-dial, at the 12 o’clock position with a bezel holding the markers in silver, offset against the blue backing. Then, slightly below this we have the Storm logo, which is sitting just above the ‘Storm Globe-X’ part of the watch. It seems that this will be a world timer function, so that you can have two different time-zones set at the same time, but could potentially be used for multiple other functions, we just don’t know yet! The fantastic thing about this is the design, with the detailed earth covering the center of what we will refer to as the world time dial, it adds a touch of variation and a highlight, or focus point, despite still only being blue and silver.

We are looking forward to seeing where Storm go with this piece, and will be bringing updates to this post when available, so keep checking back to find out more!

One of the more recent exciting releases from Storm has been the HY1 connected hybrid watch, which is offers smartwatch capabilities at a fantastic price point, so make sure to check that out here, and if you like what you see, but want to know what else Storm watches have to offer, then you can either shop the range here, or you can click here to take a look at our guide to choosing the right one for you!

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