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London Fashion Week 2019

London Fashion Week 2019

My fellow Fashionistas…London Fashion Week 2019 has finally arrived! For those of you fashion-obsessed ladies, who have been lying in wait to see this season (spring 2019) new trends, it is at last time to start browsing the shops of your beloved designers. The round table of fashion has, once again, delivered an amazing selection of new clothes; accessories and of course shoes! All complete with interesting combinations of fabrics, colour trends and innovative designs that come in all shapes and sizes. The best and the brightest of these established designers have all come together to make the most beautiful outfits for us to rock every day as if we were on that runway with them! This season has brought over some of our loves from the last season (Autumn), such as pointed boots and dad trainers. They have also added some new already loved accessories, such as tiny handbags and the interesting combination of beige and browns, which is hot this season. With oversized jackets still making a play, these new seasons combinations show what the rest of 2019 will have in store for us. So let us have a look at the obvious new trends and the highlights from London Fashion Week 2019.

London Fashion Week 2019-Oversized Jackets.London Fashion Week 2019

Oversized jackets have been carried over from the autumn/winter 2018/2019 collections. As they were a massive hit, and, well we just couldn’t get enough! This London Fashion Week 2019, they are just as popular but coming this season in thinner material, as we get ready for that much longed after sun. And as you know, if you live in England, oversized jackets are great for all year round. Pop them on your shoulders if it gets a bit warm but wrap up in that British spring breeze. Oversized jackets this season look hot, especially when they are paired with a tiny handbag that is all of the talks right now!

At a first glance, the use of oversized jackets appears to be very seventies inspired. However, the geniuses at the round table of fashion have given this oversized look spruce up. Including big shoulder pads and tartan combination, often in that blazer style. I’m wearing my boyfriend’s coat to the office is what you should be going for. With that comfortable attire and that Preppy inspiration.

These oversized jackets often are in a cotton polyester blend, especially in this season’s apparent new favourite shades of earthy tones. (Browns, beige and blues) But check out the oversized knitted cardigans in bright colours, that add that extra shine to your outfit. Coming in all different materials and colours, we know one thing …An oversized jacket is a must have this season! Think Spencer from Pretty Little Liars.

London Fashion Week 2019- Tiny Bags and pointed shoes.London Fashion Week 2019

Tiny bags are everywhere to be seen in the big city this London Fashion Week 2019! Inspired by the nineties tiny handbags are a must have right now! With that stunning cute look, they give to the overall outfit they just tie everything together, with class. Coming in oval shapes, square and everything under the sun. Even though these bags are small in size they are huge in personality the new Marc Jacobs Drop of tiny bags the Snapshot Collection are definitely something to check out this Spring!

Point toe shoes are also in this Spring. Popping up throughout the London fashion week, and making a première in many designers Spring Line ups. Small ankle boots with a pointed toe have been carried over from last season and are still gorgeous. With chunkier heels, you won’t be breaking your ankles for fashion anymore. Sulky dad trainers are popular again this season and Coach rocking timberland inspired suede brown boot. White shoes are the colour that everyone seems to be in love with this season. I won’t lie…I am in love with them too. With wonderful white boots being the must-have, its time to rock that 70’s inspired footwear for 2019 spring.

London Fashion Week 2019- Colour Trends London Fashion Week 2019

Taking an unexpected turn in the colour trends this season. We take a break from the loud combination of colours that we have seen throughout 2018. Now, we are seeing a lot of beige, browns and earthy colours. Orange seems to be the statement colour this season with many designers including the renowned Clavin Klien using orange in small drop earrings. Mustard has carried on through this season and has made many appearances in London Fashion Week 2019. This season one main colour palette is the base of all outfits, and accessories come in the bright shades such as orange blue and green. Outfit combinations are still made of different colours but all of them being in the same shade or colour family.

London Fashion Week 2019- Clothes London Fashion Week 2019

First of all, this London Fashion Week 2019 Pleated midi-length skirts are EVERYWHERE! They are definitely a popular item that will be a trend this season. With a beautiful pleat in most of these skirts, it really is a gorgeous combination feminine and attitude which seems to be the statement fashion of the 10’s and now its back for the last year of the teen’s.

Loose Trousers are also a must have this season! Taking out the skinny jeans and replacing them with a more comfy alternative these gorgeous additions are often at the ankle length that makes the whole outfit come together with that ’50s influenced swing. Combine these loose-fitting trousers with a large oversized jacket and a tiny belt for that preppy finish.

Pantsuits have also been revitalised this season, the stigma surrounding them has been completely wiped away as they add that extra touch of sophistication and high-end fashion to your whole look.

London Fashion Week 2019- Fisherman’s Hats. London Fashion Week 2019

Another odd addition to London Fashion Week 2019, Fisherman’s hats have been taken from an old man’s wardrobe and transformed to be part of the high-end fashion game. Coming in all different materials and fabrics the odd shaped hat really does complete some stunning outfits. How does the round table of fashion do this? We may never know! But, we do know that they are the best at transforming our lives (by lives I mean wardrobe).

Lodon Fashion Week 2019- Accessories. London Fashion Week 2019

Gold is the most popular colour seen throughout London Fashion Week 2019, making an appearance in most logos displayed proudly on the designer bags and sunglasses. Big Gold earrings in interesting patterns and small gold rustic looking rings are everywhere to be seen in this seasons fashion showcase.

Fabric Earrings are also back in making a late return from 2017 winter collections. Tassel-like hoops and studs are combining all of the stunning statement pieces of outfits together.

Finally, in the world of accessories, bold framed sunglasses in all sorts of shapes, particularly triangular are big this season. In England, we might not get the heat but we all get blinded by the sun on a daily bases, so why not add that fashion accessory to your outfits to look good and be practical this season.

The world of fashion always takes us on unexpected twists and turns but never fails to let us down. So, what are you waiting for? Check out this seasons London Fashion Week 2019 Trends today.





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