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Police Jewellery – Available Now!


We are now an official stockist for Police Jewellery!

Not only have we just announced that we are now stocking Adore by Swarovski, but now we are also very happy to be bringing you Police Jewellery too! Police, the De Rigo Group‘s house brand, was launched back in 1983 in Italy as a unisex eye-wear brand designed for those who wanted to get noticed. the name Police triggers the imagination, especially for the younger generations, and offers a whole new look and style in life. The brand is built on the American ‘on the road’ lifestyle, but also the strong urban spirit of the big apple, New York!

The attitude that Police Jewellery brings makes a mark right from the offset, as an Italian brand with potent international overtones. Alternative and non-conformist, this collection is targeted at  a niche of it’s own, building on the brands growing identity and positioning, once again reinventing itself moving from the world of sunglasses, to fashion, to watches, and now to jewellery too! All of the Police ranges arrive with a strong personality, all representing a different look and way of life.

Young, authentic rebels, who follow the trends but seek to stand out with originality and flair, are thus irresistibly drawn to the Police “community”.

Police Jewellery

The Police brand has always been one to fit the rebellious fashion scene, with lots of leather and metals making it ideal for making a statement and doing it with style. This has been proven by the brands ambassadors over the years, such as Bruce Willis, David Beckham, Neymar Jr. and George Clooney who have all interpreted and promoted the Police lifestyle.

The world we live in now and the idea itself of rebellion have changed, and the brand decided to aim, in a new voice, at the today’s rebels: young people who want to make a mark on the world they live in through their choices and their desire to express themselves. They’re the people who more than any other will influence the world we live in tomorrow and best represent the renewed spirit of Police.

Both Police watches and Police jewellery are available online, and in-store now! So make sure to head over to the site and check them out to upgrade your style and bring a bit of rebellious spirit to your life!

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