If DC Superheroes Wore Watches

If DC Superheroes Wore Watches

In the last few years, we have seen an abundance of superhero movies which have had a varied response from regular cinema-goers. That got us thinking if DC superheroes wore watches, what would they wear and why? Superheroes, of course, have varying powers such as strength, wit, money and the ability to tame the tides of the sea, therefore, there may be a fitting timepiece for each of the DC Superheroes.

If you are a fan of comics (especially DC comics) then sit back and enjoy our recommendations on watches for DC superheroes.

Aquaman & Oris


It is only natural for us to start with the newest superhero release, which was, of course, Aquaman on the 12th December last year. Seeing as most of Aquaman’s powers and domain revolve around the sea, we have picked out this timepiece by Oris which is also a divers watch. So that Aquaman can do his job without breaking a sweat, we made sure that we picked a timepiece that can withstand pressures of over 200 metres and also considered the shades of green on the dial that will go with his suit.

Batman & Victorinox


Batman’s powers are not only his wealth to get the most technologically advanced gadgets but also his stealth as he works throughout the night in Gotham. As his nightly missions include fighting bad guys and jumps from the city skyscrapers, we picked out a watch which is known for durability and shock resistance. This jet black carbon timepiece we feel is a good match for Batman as it is a similar material to his suit in the recent Dark Knight trilogy.

Joker & U-Boat


The Joker has a flair for luxury as a well-known thief in the city of Gotham. There have been a wide variety of interpretations of the Joker, most recently being Jared Leto and many of them have one thing in common. The Joker not only has a particular style but a taste for expensive, which is why we have chosen U-Boat’s Black Swan to match his persona. This watch is definitely one of a kind and will certainly catch the eye. It features an 18-carat gold case as well as 11 carats of white and black diamonds. Certainly sounds like something the Joker would wear…

Poison Ivy & WeWood


As Poison Ivy is known for using plants to her advantage as well as being immune to the toxicity of them, we thought that a wooden timepiece which harnesses nature would be the best fitting for the seductress. Watches made by WeWood are well known for being environmentally friendly as they are made from recycled wood. However, the company don’t stop there, every time one of their watches are purchased, they plant a tree. Saving the environment one watch at a time.

Harley Quinn and Thomas Sabo

thomas Sabo

Last but by no means least is the famous Harley Quinn, one of the most popular DC characters. Her look is iconic to her persona which is why we need to find a timepiece that will suit her edgy disposition. We thought that Thomas Sabo’s Rebel at Heart watch matched her style the most as this accessory also has an edgy aura to it. As it is neutral in colour it will go with many of her outfits and catch the eye of enemies and victims.

Which DC character is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

*Comic images are from Comic Vines

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