The Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music Verizon

Garmin vivoactive verizon

The Garmin Vivomove, Verizon Connected Smartwatch Let’s You Leave Your Phone At Home!

Garmin announce the latest in the Vivoactive range, with a 4G enabled smartwatch, available on Verizon.

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music, is a sleek and sporty smartwatch, capable of holding 500 songs, and connecting to Bluetooth headphones, for phone free listening. This model comes pre-loaded with over 15 different sports apps, supporting you through any challenge and activity, including running, swimming, cycling, yoga and strength training, plus many more! This allows you to monitor and track your fitness level, using V02 max, and fitness age estimates, along with stress monitoring too.

This model is packed with features, along with Garmin‘s very own Garmin Pay contactless payment solution, making payments convenient on your watch, eliminating the need for cash and cards! This is all wrapped up in a stylish, yet sports case, with a rubber strap, available in a number of colorways, and the option to choose from thousands of customization options, with different watch faces, apps and more, all from the Garmin connect IQ store!

You can take a look at the current Garmin Vivoactive range here!

The All New Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music On Verizon

The Vivoactive 3 music on Verizon largely offers the same range of features mentioned above for the non-4G connected model, with a couple of fantastic additions!

Being available on the Verizon network, and being able to connect to 4G supports the Vivoactive’s adventurous nature, allowing for phone-free safety features, music downloads and texting (requires a monthly Verizon service plan). The safety features mentioned include incident detection recurring certain activities, and assistance, which will both cause the watch to send your real-time location to emergency contacts, without needing your phone.

As with the base Vivoactive 3 Music, the watch can hold up to 500 songs, which can be downloaded on the go with the support of Verizon 4G, allowing for non-stop motivation on the go! Along with the option to send and receive texts from the watch itself. without even needing to bring your phone out of the house!

As you may be able to tell, with this new model being available on Verizon, this is currently not available in the UK, however, we are expecting it to make its way over the pond and be available to be available in the United Kingdom soon! So, keep an eye out, and hopefully we will be able to bring this fantastic new model to your wrist soon!

For more information on Garmin and their different collections, you can take a look here to find out more!

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