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garmin watches

Garmin watches offer a great range of different smartwatch products, with so many different styles and levels available! Read on, as we take a look at some of the products and collections on offer from Garmin Watches, and come back for regular updates and new products!

Garmin Fenix 5

Push new boundaries and get more out of life with fēnix®. Crafted of premium-grade materials, these watches are fit for rugged adventure, styled to stand out. Find the fēnix that was built just for you.

Beat yesterday all day, every day. The Fenix collection from Garmin is often labeled as their flagship collection, their all singing all dancing model, that has been incredibly popular all around the world. The Fenix 5 is a compact multi-sport GPS watch with wrist based heart rate monitoring, advanced fitness features and QuickFit bands that let you swap and change the look of your watch. Going from workplace to workout without breaking stride.

Whatever the sport is that you want to track, the fenix 5 has it covered. It has built in activity profiles and performance metrics, including smart notifications, keeping you updated with how you are performing.

The Fenix 5 also comes in a Sapphire Edition, which includes an extra silicone QuikFit band, and features WiFi wireless networking capability for automatic activity uploading.

Fenix 5 Plus

Created for athletes and outdoor adventurers, the fenix 5 Plus is the high performance way to top yesterdays achievements, bringing you maps an music along. A rugged, premium crafted case houses the multisport GPS, which brings you TOPO maps with Trendline popularity routing, helping you to find, and follow, the best paths. This model can store up to

500 songs to give you access to phone-free listening, and also features wrist based heart rate monitoring, smart notifications and the Garmin Pay contactless payment technology.

You can shop our Fenix 5 watches here, and find out more about this fantastic collection by clicking here! (Coming Soon)


Garmin Instinct

The Instinct collection is the newest release from Garmin, and has already proved to be hugely popular in its first couple of weeks of release. Retailing at a slightly lower price than the Fenix collection, the Instinct is a new design for Garmin, moving slightly away from the usual styling into a new direction.

A more rugged and ready approach to the usual smooth classy sports designs. The Instinct is made for being outdoors, adventuring and supporting you through any challenge.

The Garmin Instinct is currently available in three different colours, GraphiteTundra and Flame Red, which all look fantastic and retail at £269.99, which is really a fantastic price point for the amount of technology you get with this watch.

Built for endurance, the Instinct features GPS functionality, similarly to the Fenix range, which allows for route planning and tracking, for any kind of adventure. This is supported by its activity tracking features which allow you to follow your journey with steps and many other pieces of data! This is all brought together with the Instincts smartphone connectivity, allowing you to bring your phone and watch together, helping you and making life easier day to day!

You can read even more about the Garmin Instinct here.


Garmin Vivoactive

Have everything on hand (literally) with the Garmin Vivoactive, your sports and your payments are just a tap away. A sporty representation of a smartwatch, including built in GPS, more than 15 pre-loaded outdoor and indoor sports apps and Garmin Pay technology. This great function allows you to leave your phone and your wallet at home thanks to the new mobile payment tech that has been included in the watch!

Wrist-based heart rate monitoring allows you to track activities, and monitor levels of stress on your body throughout the day. The side swipe interface and touchscreen provide quick access to everything that the vivoactive has to offer in a quick and easy way, allowing you to find the settings you need as easy as possible!

The latest to be announced by Garmin watches as part of the Vivoactive range, is the Vivoactive 3 Music on Verizon, which is a 4G enabled smartwatch, allowing you to leave your phone at home, with music downloads, texting, and safety features available through the Verizon network! You can read all about this fantastic watch here!

Take a look at all of our Vivoactive watches here!


Garmin Vivosmart

Walk. Run. Bike. Swim. Golf. Climb. Skip. Jump. Go.
Meet the wearables that help you move a little more than the day before.

Last but not least of the Garmin core ranges, is the Vivosmart. A great activity tracking sports watch that is definitely worth checking out!

Garmin’s Vivosmart allows you to fantastically accent your style, whilst enhancing your fitness experience at the very same time. A slim, wristband like watch deign, makes for a light wearing, comfortable smartwatch, which is loaded with features to track your daily activities to help track your daily activity and your sleep levels throughout the night. This model also features the wrist HR technology, trakcing heart rate and streess levels, and also has pulse Ox sensors help you to learn more about how your body works, with stress tarcking, Body Battery energy monitoring, VO2 max and many more. Smart notifications make sure that you keep connected, and a huge up to 7 days of battery life keep you going strong.

You can choose from multiple colours and stylish metal trim accents and a bright, easy-to-read display. Vívosmart 4 is the slim, smart activity tracker that fits your lifestyle 24/7. It’s the perfect complement to any wardrobe, any workout.

Shop Vivosmart here!


Garmin Pay

Garmin pay is the contactless payment solution to keep you on the move, making payment safe, secure, and fast. Pay without the need of a wallet or phone, simply pay through the watch on your wrist, making it easy to pay on the go!

There are a number of models that Garmin have created to be compatible with this new Garmin Pay technology, including the 5/5S/5X Plus range, and also the Vivoactive 3, and Vivoactive 3 Music!

Find out more about Garmin Pay here!

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Garmin watches are some of the most popular smartwatches around right now, and its easy to see why, the technology jammed into these timepieces is surprising, and the range of different models and sizes is just fantastic for anyone who is in to sports, activity tracking, or just wants a stylish smartwatch to help with day to day tasks!

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