Christmas Gifts For Teenagers

Christmas Gifts For Teenage Boy's


Finding Christmas gifts for teenagers is not easy, especially lad’s. With such a tough crowd to please, we are here to help you get it right. A watch is one of the most popular items to give as a gift, so it’s important to know what to look for!

Brands are in right now when looking at Christmas gifts for teenagers. Gone are the days of action men and toy cars, it’s all about fashion now, with luxury fashion brands even creating products for babies and toddlers these days! This Christmas, retailers are projecting huge increases in sales of branded clothing and accessories, with the likes of Hugo Boss, Kenzo, Stone Island etc. expected to be number one on most teenagers Christmas lists.

Christmas Gifts For Teenagers

Take a look at our recommendations for Christmas gifts for teenagers below, to make sure it’s smiles all round on Christmas morning! We have also put together a list of Stocking Fillers For Him if you’re looking for a smaller gift to hang over the fireplace this december!

Boss Header

Hugo Boss offer such a wide range of designs, and is one of the classiest luxury brands available at this price point. Clean sharp designs, along with durable casing, and of course, the Hugo Boss logo make these a perfect option for any teenager.

We have selected a range of our favourites that have proven to be extremely popular, and are available at fantastic prices. The brand as a whole is hugely popular with teenagers right now, and it can be found in any store and almost any lad’s wardrobe. A surefire option to impress on Christmas morning, and one that will bring style and class to any outfit.

Click the links below to look at each model, and click here to look at the rest of the collection.

boss watches(Top Left) Aeroliner – 1513181                                                   Supernova – 1513359 (Top Right)

(Bottom Left) Governor – 1513521                                              Classic –1512879 (Bottom Right)

lacoste header

Lacoste is a brand that has been around for a very long time now, and is known all around the world for its summery/sporty designs and its clean looks. The green crocodile is a logo instantly recognisable, connected to quality and tenacity.

Much more simple designs come from Lacoste watches, meaning that they can be paired with anything, and the 12.12 85th anniversary collection is definitely one to look at! A definite contender for favourite Christmas present for any teen this year!

Click the links below to look at each model, and click here to look at the rest of the collection.

lacoste watches(Top Left) 12.12 Connect – 2010883                                    Stainless Steel – 2010890 (Top Right)

(Bottom Left) Classic – 2010871                               85th Anniversary – 2010947 (Bottom Right)

ck header

Calvin Klein are known for largely for their advertisement campaigns, including celebrities like David Beckham or Justin Bieber in the past, which gains them a lot or presence and attention. Which is why a lot of young people are a fan of the brand now, seeing your favourite musician, or a footballing legend wearing the brand shows that its good, and makes you want to wear it too!

The watches follow this suit, very clean simplistic designs, with the ck branding and very few messy features to take away from the design. A great choice as a gift, as these watches can be paired with almost any outfit, as their neutral colours, and subdued design allows it to be a perfect everyday wearer. Whilst still be perfect for dressing up for an interview or prom night! A great choice when looking at Christmas gifts for teenagers!

Click the links below to look at each model, and click here to look at the rest of the collection.

ck watches(Top Left) City – K2G27141                                                               Even – K7B211WL (Top Right)

(Bottom Left) Minimal – K3M2112N                                            City – K2G276G3 (Bottom Right)

tommy header

Tommy Hilfiger is a brand that has been around for years now, popular back in the 90’s and now back again, with a lot of alternative designs similar to the 90’s, which is massive in 2018, one of these watches could be perfect to match your teen’s style! Some of these watches feature the retro look, but definitely incorporate the modern era style which Tommy have been developing well.

Competing with the likes of Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger has regained its status as one of the largest brands in the fashion industry, and is now a desirable name for most teens, so a definite winner to hide under the tree this year!

Click the links below to look at each model, and click here to look at the rest of the collection.

tommy watches(Top Left) Android Wear – 1791405                                                Damon – 1791421 (Top Right)

(Bottom Left) Luke – 1791118                                                   Hudson – 1791226 (Bottom Right)

diesel header

Again, Deisel are massive right now, and have been for the past few years with younger people, rugged designs that make bold statements. I think it’s fair to say that most teens would like, or already have a diesel t-shirt or jeans in there wardrobe, so why not pair it with one of their old watches? Strong lines that cut through the designs, with an industrial feel, which makes it one of the most unique brands around. Most models come with larger cases, for that oversized look that so many people love, because why not show of your fantastic new watch as much as you can!

These unique designs are what’s going to make you stand out, and depending on your budget, there is definitely one out there for you this Christmas!

Click the links below to look at each model, and click here to look at the rest of the collection.

Christmas Gifts For Teenagers(Top Left) Daddy 2.0 – DZ7370                                               Double Down – DZ1436 (Top Right)

(Bottom Left) Rasp Chrono – DZ4456                                  Mega Chief – DZ4318 (Bottom Right)

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