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What Watches do Celebrities wear?

What watches do celebrities wear?

Celebrities are everywhere. We are inspired by what they do, what they say and what they wear. They are influential people whether you love them or you hate them. So What Watches do Celebrities wear? That is a good question. Watches are an extension of your personality and when we see celebrities wearing watches we can know a little bit more about the person behind the scene. So, who is wearing what? What colours do they love? What designers do they wear? Even though I can’t give you the life and luxury of a celebrity I can however show you some watches inspired by them.

What Watches do Celebrities Wear? Ellen DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres is a big fan of many watch designers. Her look is often simple and always silver. Ellen DeGeneres is an amazing human being, who constantly gives to those in need. She is charismatic, kind and hilarious. If you are a fan of her (and how can you honestly not be) then here are some amazing watches inspired by the queen of Talk Shows.

What Watches do Celebrities Wear?

This gorgeous Lipsy Silver Sun ray Crystal Set Dial Watch has Ellen DeGeneres written all over it. This beautiful silver watch is affordable and could be worn by Ellen on any day of the week. The several diamonds and beautiful casing really portrays elegance and sophistication, just like Ellen.

What Watches do Celebrities wear?

This fabulous Juicy Couture Womens Silver Strap with a Round Silver Dial is amazing. The large face and the bold statement this watch carries will certainly help you hold the room. This watch inspires confidence and rightfulness just like the amazing Ellen DeGeneres does.

What Watches do Celebrities Wear? Amy Adams.

Amy Adam’s is a strong and confident women who is exceptionally talented in her job as an actor. She has won several awards and is now starring in the hit controversial television series Sharp Objects. If you haven’t seen it yet, then I would recommend watching it. Outside her job she wear bold and simple clothing and accessories her outfits accordingly. She has often been seen in gold jewellery and simple strapped watches. If you love Amy Adams style, then check out these stunning watches inspired by her red hot look!

What Watches do Celebrities Wear?

This gorgeous Mockberg Livia Petite Noir Gold PVD Plated Mesh Bracelet with a Black dial, would look perfect on the equally so Amy Adams arm. The simplicity of this watch is complimented by its use of two well known matching colours. This watch suits Amy Adams pale complexion perfectly and would make her stunning red hair pop.

What Watches do Celebrities Wear? Scarlette Johanson.

Scarlette Johanson is a beautiful and talented women, her versatile skills at acting really make her achievements more admirable. She is personable and so incredibly beautiful! Her personal style has changed a lot throughout the years and it always looks brilliant. Her accessories change often but she really suits bold and statement colours.

What Watches do Celebrities Wear?

This beautiful Rose gold and Red Watch by the amazing storm is inspired by Scarelette Johnson style. She can pull of bold and beautiful. As she is a classy lady her accessories must also have that flawless touch of class like she does. This watch supplies this.

What Watches do Celebrities Wear? Kylie Jenner.

Whether you love her or hate her, this girl has got style. Kylie Jenner never fails to look flawless whether she is modelling, on top of her business world, or causing a political stir she looks good. Gold and black seem to be colours often worn by this celebrity, but in large statement casings and full of different features to keep her on top of her busy schedule.

What watches do Celebrities Wear?

Thomas Sabo is definitely the way to go with Kylie Jenner, this stunning Black and Gold Glam Thomas Sabo watch, is perfect for the busy lifestyle of a reality TV star and business owner. The stunning combination of these colours reflects power and statement. Its added features are practical and beautiful.


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