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Newport Classic-History of the cushion shape and cut.

Cushion cut diamonds are beautiful and they are often found in stunning engagement rings and very elegant jewellery. The history of the cushion shape and cut is a long one as it has been around for a long time, hence this is why it has a very vintage feel too it. The square diamond with rounded corners can be traced back to the nineteenth century where they where discovered in South Africa. Before they were known as a Cushion cut they were known as a mine cut as they were discovered in mines. in modern times, cushion cuts are often limited to diamonds, back in the nineteenth century this was not the case. In fact, the majority of gems and stones were cut into a cushion cut.

Some of the worlds most famous and stunning diamonds and stones have been cut and shaped into cushion cuts. Contrary to popular belief they are not as modern as many people believe them to be.

The Hope Diamond which was gifted to the Smithsonian Institution in 1958. Weighing in at over 45.52 carats was one of the first recognised cushion cut diamonds. The way that it reflected the light and how the rays reflected of every single one of the faces 54 edges adds the fact that this cut is considered as one of the most romantic styles in the world.

Throughout time the cushion cut has been worn by many high-profile celebrities and political figures. This may be down to the fact that it reflects a vintage glamour we all aim to uphold.

The shape of this cut resembles a beautiful heart, and this is why it was often used by the rich and wealthy back in the olden days as a proposal ring. I know it would be impossible to say know to such a well-crafted cut. The shape of the cut is supposed represents a never ending love, because if you followed it around, it would never end.

The traditional properties closely associated with diamonds  are action, passion, and energy. Jewelry containing diamonds are believed to enhance relationships, increasing inner strength and provide the wearer with balance, clarity and abundance. Wearing jewelry containing a diamond will focus the energies of the precious gemstone through the gem.- Hard as Rocks 

Newport Classic- A history of the cushion shape and cut.

Therefore, Michel Herbelin has delivered us a stunning Cushion cut Watch to celebrate there 30th anniversary. This beautiful and unique piece is called the Newport Classic. Its a style where the bridge between the harsh corners of the square is cut. The beautiful Newport Classic is going ot be available soon at FIrstClassWatches and will be there waiting for you.

Newport Classic- History of the Cushion shape and cut

The cushion cut is rarely seen in the Michel Herbelin collections, which is why they have chosen to make this special addition to celebrate their success in providing us with fabulous items. There combination of leather straps is inspired by the seventies to give that hit retro look a comeback! This watch comes in three different colour sets. Blue and Tan, White and Tan and all black. So this classic collection has something out there for everyone. This vintage themed watch has a modern update of being 50m water resistant and has been empowered by Swiss Quartz. So its practical, beautiful and classic.


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