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EBEL Watches For Women

Ebel Watches

Feel EBELished

Feel like a princess with these luxurious EBEL watches. These stunning high quality jaw-dropping watches are the ultimate accessory for the elegant and classy ladies out there. All of EBEL watches are metallic and somehow the shades of silver and gold they are look light and radiant. EBEL watches are perfect for those who want to live a life of royalty. You can finally live that Princess dream you had as a kid. Seriously, these watches are timeless.

EBEL watches

Lets start of with the ultimate showpiece. This 18k Gold EBEL watch is unexplainable in its beauty. But, i’m going to give it a shot anyway.

EBEL have truly outdone themselves with this elegant wave watches. This watch is truly flawless. The gold and diamond waves give it an exotic look which will go with any skin tone and any fashion. (But you can totally get your princess gowns out with this one ladies) Its stainless steel and ridiculous amount of diamond really shows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend -Marilyn Monroe. And the gold waves are 18k which is just outstanding, yet somehow this does not overpower the look. EBEL understands that true elegance does not come from flaunting the shiny diamonds, but from subtly letting them take over the eye and before you know it you are mesmerised. With almost 300 diamonds, what lady would not want to own this?

Talking about delicious diamonds, let’s have a look at some more of EBEL  studded beauties, like this 12 diamond pink stainless steel watch.

EBEL watches

This design is a combination of sweet and stunning (much like you dear reader) This EBEL watch isn’t just a evening look or special occasion wear, its pastel pink dial means it will look good no matter the time. The wavy links add a touch of uniqueness and originality to this design meaning that it will definitely pair well with other top designers clothes this season. Try this with some Gucci or Jimmy Choo Shoes. The fact that the hours are diamonds is completely irresistible. Of course, because it has been designed by EBEL it is of the highest-quality.

Shall we take a look at another diamond EBEL masterpiece, I think we should.

EBEL watchesThis Woman’s Brasilia Diamond Stainless steel watch, has more of a classic appeal. Its rectangular face looks like a royal grandfather clock has been shrunk into this masterpiece, and I love it! The roman numeral symbols add a touch of vintage class to this already outstanding design. This watch would look perfect with a vintage flare dress or a set of brightly-coloured co-ordinated flare trousers and crop top. Combined with a large summer hat this will give you a real 1920’s flawless fashion. And I mean what would this watch be without the symmetrically lined diamonds surrounding the case! This watch is a must have!

And finally EBEL hits a sweet spot with its Rose Gold watch collection. Rose gold is in my opinion a necessity to the human race. It’s feminine yet metallic finish is absolutely flawless and if you are anything like me, there is nothing better than being covered in this metallic beauty.

EBEL watches

This two-tone rose gold would look fabulous with a contrast of bold prints, and pointy-toe ankle boots. The difference in the metallic is subtle yet the height of the fashion this season. The eight diamond markers are stunning and combine with the rose gold EBEL symbol flawlessly. Its interweaving bracelet of rose gold tones makes this watch runway worthy.

You can still feel like a princess even if you are a tomboy. This slightly darker Rose Gold watch is for those of you who prefer a slightly alternative look. Combine it with bold reds and dark green for a fierce royal look, (much like wonder woman) the hazelnut brown face is an alternative colour which is original and eye-catching.

EBEL watches

So girls, whatever kind of princess you are, it’s time to invest in a watch in the style of Royalty. It’s time to feel EBELished.

Check out these EBEL watches, click here to view now.

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