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Women’s Bluetooth Watches


We are often asked if there is any real need for wrist watches with the advancements of mobile phones in recent years. whilst we have discussed reasons why we need watches in previous blog post, today we will be looking at women’s bluetooth watches which means that you can stay connected to your phone without getting distracted from day to day activities. These types of timepiece are well suited to those that have a desk job and check their phone more than they are supposed to as well as other jobs in which procrastination is inevitable.

Both Kronaby and Seiko have produced women’s watches which can easily connect to your android or iPhone, not only sophisticated in the watches functionality but in the styles of the models too.

Kronaby 41mm SEKEL Silver Dial Stainless Steel Bracelet

Kronaby have created a watch that will definitely catch the eye of your friends and family with the highly polished silver stainless steel with blue accents across the dial. This watch has glowing hands and markers as well as a bluetooth function which allows the watch to connect to your smart phone. If the watch wasn’t already functional enough, it is also water resistant up to 100 metres which mean this watch is also suitable for activities such as swimming.


The benefits of this bluetooth timepiece mean that you can stay connected without always having your mobile on the go. The features of this Kronaby model include a silent alarm, waking you up with small vibrations, the ability to decline calls as well as an auto time zone feature. No matter which timezone you are in your watch will change automatically.

Here is a youtube video created by us at First Class Watches on how to connect your smart phone and Kronaby watch:

Casio Sheen Bluetooth Stainless Steel Women’s Connected

Casio have created a watch which demonstrates cutting edge technology for women’s watches. This watch shows off automatic time synchronisation, phone finder and dual world time in a case that is exquisite in design. This elegant silver sheen is available in a variety of different tones which means that there is a style to match your individual needs. This timepiece is powered by solar power technology which means that you don’t need to worry about getting a battery replacement; for long lasting wear.

Casio Sheen

Here is a video on how to connect the Casio sheen to your mobile:

Both of the watches mentioned on this blog post are currently in stock. If you have any further questions about these watches then please don’t hesitate to get in contact via our website, via phone on 01926298499 or alternatively you can visit our watch shop of you are local to the west midlands as we are based on the Kenilworth high street, happy shopping!

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