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5 Reasons You Need a Watch

5 reasons you need a watch

Watches have been around since the 16th Century and we have been telling the time in style ever since. Telling the time evolved from a clock on the wall, to a pocket watch and to how we tell the time today, on our wrist. Many argue that since the evolution of technology, watches are no longer a necessity as we can tell the time on our smartphones and computers however watches still play a huge part in our daily lives and here are a few reasons why.

phones at work

1. You might not be able to use your phone at work

Depending on the formality of your work place or just the rules and regulations you may not be able to have your phone with you during the working day. This means that you also might not be able to tell the time which why a wrist watch might be a great solution for you as you can tell the time without getting into trouble!

adds to your attire

2. It adds to your attire

For us girls it tends to be the case that we have more than one item in our wardrobe that does exactly the same thing, a great example of that is shoes, we can never have too many pairs of shoes or bags as each outfit requires a different colour or style. Watches are no different, have a variety of different style of watches can compliment your jewellery and your attire so it can add to your day for trendy timekeeping.


3. Watches can do more than tell the time

Watches don’t just tell the time, you can now purchase smart watches that connect to your phone and your car so you can receive emails and texts at your wrist, you can also purchase a watch which monitors your fitness with the amount of steps you take each day and your heartbeat. Not only that but you can also find a watch which can you can wear underwater whilst you are diving, or even wear on your holidays in the pool as it is waterproof. The point is that watches have been designed to cater for the needs of its audience and that they can perform many different functions and you can therefore pick out a watch which has a function useful to you.

solar powered

4. Some watches never run out of battery (Eco-drive technology)

It is more the case than not that watches are powered by solar technology which means that is it powered by both indoor and outdoor light sources and this means that you never have to change the battery. This is perfect for those of us that prefer an accessory with less hassle as it saves you trips to get your batteries changed.

worn watches for years

5. The first timepieces worn were in the 16th century, its tradition…

Watches have been part of our society for century’s so why stop now? Back in the 16th century it was a revelation when timepieces were created, lets make it last as long as possible and keep tradition with a watch on your wrist.

If you are looking for a new watch then first class watches are here to help, have a browse through our website and find a suitable match for you and if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get into contact via our website or via phone on 01926 298499, happy shopping!

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