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Watch World Cup – Weird Ape vs Kronaby

World Cup watches Header

In this post we are taking a look at England vs Sweden, Weird Ape vs Kronaby. Check out all you need to know about our ‘Watch World Cup’ here before you head into the latest match-up! We look into the nations competing at Russia 2018 and the watch brands that are coming out of their country! Some watchmaking giants are put up against some of the smaller niche brands, to create some interesting matchups to look into!

England vs Sweden

England Vs Sweden

Two nations that are not necessarily known for their watch making in recent times. England has a huge history in the world of watches, with production being massive many years ago. Which is not too dissimilar to the world of Football, what was once great back in ’66 is now a team of unfulfilled potential that never quite works together in harmony. Let’s hope this year is different! Sweden on the other hand, have been making waves in the watch world, with advancements in technology pushing them right into the spotlight. With life on the pitch maybe not looking quite so bright, a young world cup squad enters the tournament without talisman Zlatan Ibrahimovic spearheading the team.

Weird Ape vs Kronaby

One of the most fast growing brands we have seen in recent times, out of England, Weird Ape have created fantastic automatic designs, that have a pleasing aesthetic and one of the best price points around at the moment. Take a look at this great new brand here. The Kolt is the talisman of the Weird Ape brand, the most popular of their designs, and rightfully so, available in a whole range of colours and strap types, its a versatile watch that can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion. Find out more about Weird Ape.

Kronaby, out of Sweden, are one of the most popular smartwatch brands on the market. A relatively new brand in the world of watches, Kronaby have made a huge impact with the combination of reliable, functional smartwatch tech, with a clean sophisticated look, across all of their different models. Check out Kronaby watches here. Smartwatches, that receive and alert you about texts/phone calls, along with a whole range of different features such as activity tracking and alarms, mean for a fantastic all round watch that is extremely functional and helpful through day to day life. Find out more about Kronaby.

Two great brands, that are still on the rise, gaining more and more popularity and reputation as they go. Which would you wear?

Weird Ape vs Kronaby

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