Women’s Holiday Watches: Beach Holiday

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Summer is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year not only for the sun, but for the holiday season. Whatever your destination this holiday season, there is a timepiece that will fit the occasion. You might be going skiing in the french highlands or having a relaxing beach holiday in the canary islands however in this blog post we will be focusing on beach holidays.

A Quick Guide to Water Resistance

When you are looking for your perfect holiday timepiece, here is a few tips and guides on what it actually means.

3 atm/ 30 Metres: This means that the watch is suitable for everyday use. If you get caught in the rain, the watch will not be effected. Although the watch will be splash resistant, it is not suitable for swimming, showering, bathing, fishing, water related jobs or diving.

5 atm/ 50 Metres: This means that the watch can withstand swimming, fishing and white water rafting however it cannot survive in more pressing activities such as diving, snorkelling.

10 atm/ 100 Metres: This watch would be suitable for recreational surfing, swimming, snorkelling, sailing and water sports. This watch would not be suitable for diving.

20 atm/ 200 Metres: If your a professional diver or have a marine based job then this is the watch category for you as these category of watches are suitable for both of these professions.

Beach Holiday Watch Guide

We hope that there is a watch that meets everyone’s holiday needs, so our recommendations range in price as well as water resistance.

Superdry Women’s Urban Black Floral Print Silicone Strap

Superdry holiday

This Superdry watch is bold in design but well suited to those that enjoy a colourful holiday wardrobe with it’s green and coral flowers. This watch is 50 metres water resistant which means that it is suited to swimming in the pool, but less suited to the heavy duty swims in the sea. This watch is made from a sturdy silicone so will last you more than just the one beach holiday.

Rotary Women’s Havana Mother Of Pearl Watch

rotary holiday

This model is crafted with stainless steel and styles a mother of pearl dial which gives this watch an aura of luxury. This watch not only looks luxury, it is also elite in function as it is 100 metres water resistant which means that it will be well suited for swimming in both the pool and the sea. It is also glow in the dark so you can still tell the time whilst you are going for a midnight stroll on the beach.

Leff Amsterdam S38 rose Gold Case Rose Gold Bracelet

Leff Amsterdam Holiday

If you are looking for a watch which will still work in the water and is designed a little different from most of the watches we stock at First Class Watches then Leff Amsterdam might have the timepiece for you. This watch is also 100 metres water resistant so it will still function whilst you are splashing in the waves. This watch is unisex so both men and women can make this watch look trendy by the pool.

Dreyfuss Women’s 1890 Mother Of Pearl Dial

Dreyfuss Holiday

This Dreyfuss timepiece is on a new level in terms of style and function. If sophistication and class is a look you strive for then this diamond set watch will match perfectly to your attire. It is also waterproof to the seafarer standard set by Dreyfuss themselves. For an added touch of elegance this watch also has a mother of pearl dial in soft pink and purple tones. If you like the look of this watch then add it to your basket quick as there is only one left in stock and it in our sale items.

Elliot Brown Women’s Kimmeridge Blue Sunray Oiled Leather Strap

Elliot Brown Holiday

Elliot Brown have produced a smart and elegant timepiece in a midnight blue, a collection that was only released in June last year. The name of the collection ‘Kimmeridge‘ is derived from a surf spot close to where Elliot Brown resides. The midnight blue hints at a nautical heritage as well as its 200 metre water resistance which means that its not only suitable for the purposes of swimming but other water holiday sports.

All of the watches featured in this blog post are currently in stock both on our online store, First Class Watches and our local watch shop based in the west midlands. If you have any further questions about these watches then please don’t hesitate to get in contact via our website or by phone on 01926298499, happy shopping!

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