Fortnite Inspired Watches

fortnite game inspired watches

Fortnite is one of the most talked about games right now and its safe to say there’s even a few members of staff at our offices who play this game. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter has been overtaken by Battle Royale enthusiasts all competing to claim the coveted #1 Battle Royale spot!

A quick round up of the game is necessary for those who like watches but maybe have never seen the game before. So Fortnite is a game created by Epic games in which there is a game mode called “Battle Royale” it is very much like PUBG if you have heard of that one or maybe The Hunger Games might be more of an accurate representation in the real world. Basically 100 people are all dropped out of the sky with parachutes onto a set map, you can jump out anywhere along the dotted route the flying bus will take and the aim is to get to a good spot get lots of weapons and out play your enemies to become the last player standing. There is no blood in this game to keep it family friendly and the graphics are very cartoon-esque to give the game a new fun play feel.

It might not sounds like fun at first glance but there is a lot more to this game than meets the eye, each player can gather resources and build bases as well as get better weapons depending on their ranking colour etc but we wont go into that here.

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In the spirit of Fortnite we decided to make a collection of watches that we felt would help people playing the game as well as people who wanted to have a timepiece that subtly hints towards the game either in colours or style. They are not the characters from the Battle Royale game mode and are instead from the “Save the World” game mode. We have picked a handful but definitely not all the characters that you can choose in the game and paired them with a watch to suite them.

Fortnite Base – Constructor TW Steel

fortnite inspired watches base constructor

Base is a speciality Constructor inside Fortnite and a pretty big guy, he has a number or perks and abilities which depend on his maximum evolution as well as his level. For a big guy you obviously want a watch to match which is why we chose to pair this gentle giant up with a TW Steel watch. The TW975 Coronel Dakar Limited Edition is a strong large face watch built to last, the watches thick leather strap is durable and held together with strong stainless steel pins. The watch dial is IP plated Stainless steel in a dark gun metal grey which matches up to the game pretty well.

The watch has a stunning dial with big easy to read numbers so you can spend more time on the look out for enemies than checking your watch for the time, the hands and markers also glow in the dark so you can see them even in poor lighting conditions. The dial of the watch also features a date display in case you become so immersed in a game that you loose track of time as well as a chronograph which is perfect for timing your game or a specific run that you want to improve your speed on.

The case size is key for this model and one of the main reasons we chose this watch, TW Steel are known for their bold faced watches and this model is no exception. The orange and black dial definitely stands out against and the case has a width of 48mm which is big. If you like living life on the big side of things then this is definitely a watch you need to take a look at!

Fortnite Controller – Constructor Suunto

fortnite inspired watches controller constructor

Controller is a strong character from Fortnite she has a strong determination to support her team and a lot of her perks and abilities are based around this.  She has a lot of things to take care of in a game and a lot of people to watch out for too, keeping on track and on time is key to her rotation in-game. For Controller we chose a SS022659000 Suunto Spartan Ultra in Black as this has a feature for almost every aspect of her game play. This adventure multisport watch has a whole host of features that can be in and out of the game which match up to this characters adventurous and “go get ’em” attitude.

The Spartan Ultra provides the wearer with a full screen colour digital display which can be customised to your needs and style. Each mode has every bit of data you could ever need in a user-friendly format making it easy and efficient. In game Controller needs to follow given routes in a rotation so that she can keep her team and their structures in good health and repair what needs to be repaired. Once she has done this she needs to build on her assets and rotate again. The Suunto has a timer function so players can time their runs and see if they can improve their run time making their plays more efficient and therefore giving them a higher chance of winning.

The Out of the game you can use the watches GPS route navigation along with its altitude & distance monitor to guide you on your route in the real world allowing you to track in real time and gather analytics so that you can work on developing your walk, run, hike or even climb to the next level.

You can also use the watch for so many features its hard to mention them all in this brief overview. Some of them include, an alarm which has both in game and real life uses, a display black light so you can see the digital display when out walking at night or when staying up late with friends to game, a charge indicator so you don’t run out of battery when out and about or when timing a new route in game, a compass to keep you going in the right direction and sapphire glass for premium scratch resistance.

The Suunto watch has a case diameter of 50mm so is just as big and tough as the TW Steel we recommended for Base, together Controller and Base would make an ultimate co-op team both in game and in the real world.

Fortnite Assassin – Ninja Maurice Lacroix

fortnite inspired watches assassin ninja

Assassin is a light footed silent fighter from Fortnite focused on melee combat, she harnesses the power of the shadows to increase her sword damage and critical strike chance when using assassination. with abilities such as “Dragon Slash”, “Smoke Bomb” and “Throwing Stars” she really is someone to watch out for if you’re playing with one as she will make light work of your opponents as long as you keep her safe so keep your eyes and ears open.

We wanted to match her to a watch that was as equally lightweight and stylish as her moves, this EL 1094-PVPD1-710-1 Maurice Lacroix from the Eliros collection was the perfect combination of refined sophistication and show off sparkle for Assassin. We felt that the Maurice Lacroix Eliros collection was a good fit for Assassin, she has style and sophistication which matches the Maurice Lacroix mission statement too. The diamonds around the bezel are a hint to the “show off” skills of her refined abilities and execution style which leave you wandering how she even killed the enemies that fast.

Assassin players don’t need any fancy feature packed watch like Base or Controller for her a simple watch is good, it has a date display and a beautifully PVD coated rose gold stainless steel case. Even the leather strap matches her outfit perfectly in colour and finish, this watch is sure to leave your friends and family in awe just like your Ninja skills in game.


Fortnite Thunderstrike – Ninja Certina

fortnite inspired watches thunderstrike ninja

Thunderstrike is a speciality Ninja from Fortnite who uses abilities such as “Crescent Kick”, “Dragon Slash” and “Smoke Bomb” to lead your team to victory. He gives you a squad bonus called “Dragon Daze” which is a huge help. When your teams primary hero’s shield breaks it releases an AoE blast which also stuns nearby enemies. He is a champion that you definitely want in your lineup and we’ve paired it with a Certina watch that will represent Thunderstrike when you’re out and about.

The C0344533605710 Certina DS Podium Chronograph is a racing edition watch perfect for Thunderstrikes’ quick execution and play style. The watches red second hand and yellow accents couple up to the rich colours in Thunderstrikes outfit really well and it is finished with a stealthy black leather strap with yellow stitching. Features of this watch include a chronograph so you can time how fast you can win a game or a round and real life uses include exercise timing as well as racetrack timing if you enjoy the faster things in life.

The Certina watches dial is protected by a premium sapphire crystal glass which has an anti reflective coating for optimal reading even when there is glare. It has a Swiss movement which is renowned for precision and reliability so you know that this watch will always be there for you when you need it most. It is water resistant to 100 metres and has a case width of 42mm so it isn’t too big on your wrist but will still be a decent size to read at a glance.

Fortnite Ranger – Outlander Maurice Lacroix

fortnite inspired watches ranger outlander

Ranger is from the Outlander class in Fortine and is considered a mobile combatant who has a very useful phase shift and a host of powerful pistol perks which can get you out of a tight spot. He is considered a support in the game as his abilities and perks are more focused around helping others than dealing a lot of damage himself. “Hipshot” is a squad bonus of his which increases all pistol damage depending on level by either 12%, 18% or 24%.

They say you should never do double denim but in this case we went for it! We have matched Ranger up with this AI1018-SS001-431-1 Maurice Lacroix Aikon Denim-look timepiece. I mean how could we not its like the perfect watch for him, robustly built, blue dial and of course DENIM STRAP! It’s like his signature watch maybe there’s a collab here? Anyway I’m rambling, The Maurice Laxcroix Aikon collection was originally released as a collection of watches that allowed you to be your own person with a variety of different materials, straps and colour combinations to make each watch truly unique.

This watch looks as if Ranger went onto Maurice Lacroix’s website and made it himself, it features a Chronograph which is perfect for helping him time runs and keep track of the time of the round or even keep track of a ticking bomb. His main role is to support and this watch is the perfect tool for his belt. The strong stainless steel sturdy case keeps the watch safe from scratches, knocks and bumps whilst allowing you to go about your date to day life in style.

The watches movement is a high quality Swiss movement so you can fully rely on this essential piece of kit both in game and in the real world.

Fortnite Reclaimer – Outlander Seiko

fortnite inspired watches reclaimer outlander

Reclaimer is a alternative girl with style, she knows what she wants and she always gets it! She is able to charge her abilities by defeating enemies in combat, this means that the more enemies you kill the more charged your abilities and perks become. She seems to have a “bear” theme with perks such as “Bear Stare”, “Bear with me” and “Bearserker” which all seem to apply to her skill “TEDDY” which consumes charges to deploy TEDDY which blasts enemies within specific squares for a set amount of time.

She is classed as a “Support” too so her aim is to help the team but her aggressive cocky attitude allows her to pick up a few kills and as such she grows stronger. She has two squad bonuses which include Energized which increases the amount of damage enemies take by 10% and Bear Stare which allows TEDDY to fire laxer eye beams that deal damage on contact.

We have matched Reclaimer with a SUR691P1 Seiko watch as we wanted to show some of her alternative bright style on your wrist whilst also retaining some sophistication with the crystal set bezel and stainless steel bracelet. The watches bracelet and case are made from a polished 316L stainless steel and the bezel has been set with crystal shatter (probably loot from an enemy, who knows?).

The blue gradient dial is stunning in a range of lights which change the gradients vibrancy or darkness and give a subtle nod to Reclaimers colour of choice. If you wear this on your wrist you can have Reclaimer with you at all times supporting you through your day to day life.

We hope you have liked this guide and we will be sure to do many more like this if you want! Let us know in the comments below your thoughts and like and share the article on social media!

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