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Kolor by Casio at Baselworld 2018

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“Kolor” craze

Casio are at Baselworld are are ready to rock and roll with new models and collaborations set to blow away any competition. The show has only jsut started and Casio have already announced a new release of a limited G-Shock model which has been designed from a collaboration with the iconic contemporary Japanese fashion brand Kolor. Casio is very well known especially for its G-shock range which is featured a lot in collaborations with a number of artists such as Pigalle, HUF and STASH. This year they are planning on a whole host of new models with their first release being this celebratory 35th anniversary timepiece collaboration with Kolor.

Kolor was established in 2004 and has worked hard to become an internationally known fashion and lifestyle brand in Japan and abroad. They have helped design and inspire the watches case and caseback, it is the first release for Casio since the start of Baselworld 2018 this morning so is the grand entrance announcement for the brand and it looks like they are receiving a lot of positive feedback online for the watch too.

casio kolor colelction baselworld 2018

This timepieces collaboration has been based on a model which is extremely popular when it was released, the GMW-B5000. This new revamp of the 5000 series is very stylish and features the renowned square shape of the G-Shock brand. The GMW-B5000KL combines a number of materials such as stainless steel for the watches case and bezel which is then coated in a PVD gold eye catching gold and black finish, the watches strap is made from a plastic resin which makes it both durable and comfortable. They have also printed a special G-Shock 35th anniversary logo which was designed by kolor and has been engraved on the back of the case.

The watch is also solar-powered just like its original and comes equipped with a Casio connected engine module which connects to a time server as long as it has been paired to a smartphone. This allows the watch to keep precise time anywhere in the world thanks to the radio time calibration signals which are sent out to the watch. Not only this but the owner can also get the G-Shock Connected smartphone app which allows them to access instructions for operating the watch and settings for the watch such as the alarm.

The timepiece is limited to only 700 watches worldwide and will be available in the UK so keep your eyes peeled for this model in our store soon.

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