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Citizen Announces New Ladies Baselworld 2018

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Citizen are releasing a host of new ladies watches in the second day in Baselworld 2018 and we can hardly keep up! The international watch brand has just release two new collections of watches to their L series called the Arcly Series and the Ambiluna collection. Let’s take a look at the design and inspiration behind the new models.

citizen watches L baselworld 2018

The Arcly Ladies Series

This stunning new collection draws inspiration from the L with its multiple bezel rings however Citizen designers have created an arc which has been formed from the lines of the watches bezel which have curved round and opened up this stunning off centre style which adds both elegance and sophistication to the watch and therefore its wearer. Although this model might look a little unique that is the exact bold style the designers have gone for, ever since the Citizen L collection was released in 2012 the collection has been an integral part of the ladies portfolio both online and in store and this new model only strengthens that assortment further.

The name ‘Arcly Series’ may seem a little out of the blue but it is in fact inspired by the crescent moon shaped arc that you can see on the watches bezel rings where the concentric rings diverge. All these new models will be at Baselworld 2018 and we have instructed our director Jamie and his business partner Scott to head over there today to check out the models in person (photos will be available on our social media across all platforms).

The Three Colour Case

Let’s take a minute or two to talk about the design of the spiral case of the Arcly Series, It is a stunning design which has been carefully thought out during every stage of the design and manufacturing process. We spoke to Citizen who stated that the spiral three colour case draws inspiration from the world of music for its design, more specifically from a composition known as a canon. In a canon, a melody announced in one instrument is imitated by other instruments entering after the first has started.

The three coloured rings which surround the watches case wrap around and overlap which expresses the overlapping melodies mentioned in the inspiration and there is a 2.0mm diamond that has been set at one end of the middle ring.

arcly series baselworld 2018

Model EM0656-15A EM0658-87E EM0654-88D
Launch (Projected) Autumn 2018
USD695 USD760 USD795
Case/Band Stainless steel / Deer leather
One piece of diamond
Stainless steel / Stainless steel
One piece of diamond
Dial White Black Mother of pearl
Crystal Sapphire crystal glass
Case Size Diameter 32.15mm / Thickness 7.93 mm (Design specification only)
Carbon Footprint 8.18kg 11.0kg
Movement Cal. E031 / Accuracy of ±15 seconds per month / Eco-Drive: Running for 6 months on a full charge / W.R. 5 BAR

Perfect Harmony – The Two-Ring Model

There is also another style model which can been seen in the images above, its the one with the roses in the background and is slightly different in design to the first model. This model has a completely separate ring of polished stainless steel which surrounds the case and bezel. It provides the watch with great symmetry and variety, it also makes the watch face lighter especially when it reflects the light off the polished curve. This mixed with the light from the rose gold case reflection provides a blend of perfect colour to produce a harmonic ambience(excuse the pun). The watch design is pure and elegantly simple, this is further enhanced with a mother of pearl dial for extra colours and reflection.

The Ambiluna Ladies Collection

This watch is one of the most stunning additions we have ever seen to the ladies’ ranges from Citizen so far this year. It has a Moon-glazed sapphire glass which for those who didn’t know (we didn’t) is a frosted glass very similar to the ultra-translucent sapphire glass that we are use to from Citizen and is the new design signature of the Ambiluna Collection. After the specialist frosted glass has been manufactured it is place gently onto the case of the watch almost like a dewdrop it sits perfectly poised atop of the straight sides of the polished rose gold case and mesh bracelet. We love the contrast between the glass and the case / bracelet of this watch it just works so well. You might have seen the mesh bracelet is slightly differently patterned than usual and this created a textured look and feel of wood and sand with a glimmering finish in the light. Further to this there is also a diamond set into the bezel of the watch to add further elegance to this ladies timepiece.

ambiluna collection baselworld 2018

Model EM0640-82D EM0643-84X EM0642-87P
Launch (Projected) Autumn 2018
USD390 USD425 USD425
Case/Band Stainless steel / Stainless steel
Dial Mother of pearl Rose gold Light gold
Crystal Moon-glazed sapphire crystal glass
Case Size Diameter 31.5mm / Thickness 7.48mm (Design specification only)
Carbon Footprint 8.43kg
Movement Cal. E031 / Accuracy of ±15 seconds / Eco-Drive: Running for 6 months on a full charge / W.R. 5 BAR

If you want to check out what the Baselworld stand looks like for Citizen this year then we have some images and videos for you below.

Citizen stand at Baselworld 2018


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