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The best jewellery brand of 2018

Sophie Johnen is the mastermind behind Mya Bay jewellery, this intelligent creative lady has been designing Mya Bay jewellery as a reflection of her own audacious, slightly crazy yet elegant style.
The likes to model the pieces herself and can be seen showcasing the first piece ever made which was based around the slave bracelet called ‘Saccalava bracelets’ which were traditionally worn by women from the Indian Ocean. This dates back from the bracelets she use to see her grandmother giving to women in her family, they are rigid and sturdy by design.

The bracelets are mostly engraved, patterned or embossed in some way, this is because Sophie has tried to communicate messages that touch her. She is an artist who actively seeks out positive quotes or phrases with deep meanings. Sophie often gets her inspiration through nature, a variety of art sources , a multitude of textures and also Japanese art forms. She has conceived a line of jewels that can be mixed together or with other jewels, and that can be worn every day and for any occasion.

Mya Bay Infographic

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