What Are These Unique Watches Made Of?

There are a lot of materials that go into making all of the great watches we love. We expect to see materials like leather straps, metals, glass and jewels on the outside and inside of our watches. But there are some unique watches out there which are made out the kind of materials you would expect to find anywhere but in a watch!

Today we’re going to look at some unique watches which are made out of things you would certainly not expect to see in your wristwatch!

Unique Watches Made From Bullets!

When it comes to unique watches then they don’t come much more unique than the Sun of a Gun by Artya collection. They’ve found another, much less deadly, use for bullets than firing them from a barrel of a gun – they’ve put them to work helping to tell the time!

While I’m sure you will spend a lot of time trying to explain this little item to airport security, these are some incredibly interesting and unique timepieces. Each of the unique watches in the collection are made out of genuine bullets and cartridge casings – making them perfect for gun lovers.

Unique Watches Made From Wood


If you’re looking for a watch which stands out and has people asking “where did you get that?” then you really need to check out WeWood. This Italian brand had the crazy idea to make wrist watches entirely out of wood. And when we say “entirely out of wood” we mean ENTIRELY out of wood. The only parts of the watch which aren’t fashioned out of wood are the glass and the movement. This makes for a collection of incredibly unique watches by WeWood, which look like nothing else on the market.

Unique Watches Made From Concrete

There are many, many uses for concrete – but telling the time has never been one of them! But interestingly enough a watch being developed by Aggregate Watches, who are currently looking for funding on Kickstarter, is actually going to be made out of concrete. The Masonic is described as a premium one-of-a-kind timepiece crafted with lightweight concrete and is, unsurprisingly, the first watch with a bezel and dial made from a cement blend.

If this watch interests you then you can back the project on Kickstarter at any time before the 8th of September.

Unique Watches Made From Rockets

Yes, that’s right… there really is going to be a watch out there made out of pieces of a rocket. Watchmaker Werenbach have created an amazing watch crafted out of melted down casing from a Soyuz rocket which had been flown into space. Finding the materials to craft the watch was undoubtedly a lot of work, because you can’t just buy rocket pieces on eBay! To create this watch, Warenbach had to search across the landscapes of Kazakhstan to find pieces of Russian Soyuz rockets. They met a metal collector who sold them the materials they needed.

This incredible new collection is going to be incredibly unique, featuring casing made from rocket pieces combined with premium Swiss movements. Warenbach will release this collection of unique watches this November.

Unique Watches Made From The Moon!

What could be more unique than watches made from material which didn’t even come from this planet! Romain Jerome decided that they would do just that with their Moon Dust collection. As the name suggests, Romain Jerome haven’t quite decided to go and dig up pieces of the moon to craft these watches. But they have incorporated dust from a rock retrieved from the first mission to the moon into all of the watches in the collection. The space theme doesn’t stop there, with the strap being crafted from fibres from a spacesuit which was worn on the International Space Station.

If you fancy one of these watches then you’ll need some incredibly deep pockets. Only a small amount of these watches were made and the cheapest watch was priced at $15,000.

Unique Watches Made From Old Cars

If vintage cars are your thing then Scalfaro have something that you will love. The GTO 1962 Bizzarrini Edition Chronograph has been crafted using material from the most valuable sports car in the world, the Ferrari 250 GTO! This car has been designed using pieces from the model of the car owned by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason – who is known as much for his car collection as his music! The watch has also been developed in partnership with Giotto Bizzarrini, who originally designed Nick Mason’s car!

If you love your cars then you must add one of these unique watches to your collection!

Images: Sfoskett~commonswiki

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