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SAR Rescue Timer watch

SAR Rescue Timer watch

Why Muhle Glashutte watches personify their values with every tick

Muhle watches are time measuring instruments. An instrument is defined by the fact that it offers a specific function and has to prove its worth in day-to-day use. This most definitely applies to a Muhle watch, which doesn’t want to be stick in its case or even in a dark, cold safe for the rest of its life, but instead wants to and is able to be worn every day.

Your Muhle watch feels most at home when sitting comfortably on your wrist and making the most of the positive influence that your body temperature has on its accuracy values. Muhle watches also love to always be on the move, especially out in the fresh air when you go hiking, cycling, camping, sailing… the list goes on.

Every watch produced by Nautische Instrumente Muhle-Glashutte is robust enough to keep up with your active and athletic lifestyle, be it the elegant Teutonia or the sporty ProMare. The most extreme example of the high standards that characterise their time measuring instruments is without a doubt the S.A.R Rescue-Timer. The captains of the sea rescue crews have been wearing this watch for years and rely on its support as they save sailors in distress. When it comes to sea rescue missions, time is of the essence and every second counts. The crew have to be able to successfully battle through raging storms, crashing waves and thrashing rain.

It is therefore essential that the S.A.R Rescue-Timer meets the same high standards that apply to the other equipment used by the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (DGzRS) It needs to provide precise time measurements that can be read at a glance and above all has to be robust enough to continue to do so in the harshest of storm-force winds.

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