TW Steel Watches – The Collections

TW Steel Watches – The Collections


TW Steel is primarily a Dutch company by design, known for having a loud attitude and peerless in class, a truly all encompassing watch brand. 100% unashamed to stand out from the crowd and taking strength from their enormous size, they have set out a whole new timeline in the watch market since their birth back in 2005.

TW Steel watches resist the norm at every turn and never apologise for it and they expect the exact same from their customer. No surrender. The brand believe that there is an art to being bold with style, it takes a few characteristics; confidence and character to stand alone. It is not a watch, it’s a statement.

Time doesn’t rest and neither do we; our innovative design is in perpetual motion, keeping us one step ahead of the pack.

We are TW Steel.

TW Steel watches

Canteen Bracelet

This inspirational collection drew its design from the original Canteen collection, which as most of you avid TW Steel fans will know was the first design they release and one which helped define TW Steel watches. The brand have kept the signature hook/crown cap in this Canteen Bracelet collection and they have shaken off the leather strap of the original and gone for  silver hard steel with a new style. The collection is available in either 40mm, 45mm and 50mm editions as well as a range of steel bracelet designs to fit with the contemporary feel. Available in three-hand, automatic and chrono editions too. There is so many sizes and power features it can specialised to your needs.

TW Steel watches

Canteen Fashion

The name says it all really its a fashionable take on the TW Steel original. The Canteen remains the boss as the number one ever since it was the first watch to hit the market. Boldly defined by the signature hook/crown cap it’s a design icon that is instantly recognisable.

It is always on the move, evolving without any loss of identity, the Canteen Fashion collection inspired the original Canteen concept goes a little crazy as if someone went a little colour happy with the palette this being said it really is breathtaking. The collection conains six bold new colour options that run through the dials, hands and even the silicone straps. The only thing bigger than this watch is its gigantic personality. It leaves only one question, Which colour do you want it in?

TW Steel watches

Canteen Leather

The truly original collection of TW Steel watches, this is where it all started.  The Canteen is an innovative model with brilliant design features which allow watch enthusiasts to distinguish this watch brand from only a quick glance. Defined by the signature hook/crown cap and two steel dots on the leather strap it’s an instantly recognisable design icon. What more can be said this collectiob truly speaks for itself leaving customers, owners and admirers speechless.

It is available in three-hand, automatic and chronograph editions, have the original TW Steel Canteen how you like it.

TW Steel watches

CEO Adesso

Ever seen bold sophistication? Look no further. This collection is perfect for those who encourage te finer things in life and who never compromise, there is now a timepiece to mark this exactly personality, ‘Adesso’. The all-new CEO Adesso Collection which is again inspired by the original TW Steel canteen design not only celebrates it with a modern, contemporary twist but it also adds a smarter and more sophisticated feel to the watch which can also be worn with a casual style.

As always with TW Steel watches you can choose a size to suit you, select your chronograph in either 45mm or 48mm and match your quality timepiece with either a genuine high grade leather strap or solid silver stainless steel bracelet. With 22 models to choose from there’s a new style for everyone who has the prestige and the social status it comes with.

TW Steel watches

CEO Canteen

The original TW Steel watches design gets the full boardroom experience with no expense spared. The classy CEO Canteen collection adds an extra touch of class to the bestseller, upgrading the renowned dials and premium leather straps, giving them an uplift of colour for stylish wearable luxury. New dial designs and a unique CEO clasp as well as a thicker mineral crystal glass for tougher protection from knocks and scratches add to the sophisticated style so why not take control and make a statement.

TW Steel watches

CEO Tech

The CEO Tech makes a strong visual statement ideal for anyone who knows what they want and exactly how to get it and wont stop till its theirs. A powerhouse in design and confidence encased in a bold durable design. The collection is constructed with groundbreaking materials built to last against the worlds weathering nature this elite timepiece speaks volumes. Built without compromise and the true representation of success. The sandblasted steel case is available in 44mm and 48mm. Why not set a new standard of timepiece within an already premium range. It is time to make the executive decision.

TW Steel watches


Get set, ready, GO! For all lovers of cars and / or the world of motor sports comes the timepiece that speaks louder than a V8 engine. The brand-new Volante Collection takes the classic TW Steel takes it in for an attitude upgrade and some tuning then puts it straight out on the open road. Grab the wheel, put your foot down and give it some Boldness. These timepieces come in 45mm and 48mm sizes as well as a sport a premium textile wristband with four colour variations. There’s 22 different executions to choose from so pick your style and hit the long road ahead.

TW Steel watches

Grandeur Tech

This collection truly is as tough as they come with no regrets, The Grandeur Tech is the embodiment of TW Steel’s bold attitude summed up in a timepiece. It is both Original and uncompromising with a rugged, manly feel. Stainless steel compliments the industrial urban aesthetic and a unique pillar construction connecting the case back to the bezel makes sure it cant be missed wherever you wear it allowing you to command attention no matter what the occasion, the Grandeur Tech is in charge.

TW Steel watches


Cut loose and take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the 24/7 action. Why not make a clean break from traditional time with this refined collection from TW Steel watches. The collection takes a modern twist on a very vintage style, the Maverick models draw influence from the ground-breaking ‘Son of Time’ allowing it to shake up the Sport Heritage world. Walk a different path whilst still ending up at the finish line, its just a more refined journey that doesn’t lose any TW Steel watches attitude.

Choose the road you would like to take by choosing either a vintage style leather strap or clean refined Milanese steel bracelet. Be bold and let the good times roll, be a Maverick.

TW Steel watches

Slim Line

More and more in the 21st century you hear the phrase ‘Less is more’ and if would like an example of where this works then the Slim Line collection is it. In everyones life there comes a time to suit up and get sophisticated and when this happens you need a timepiece that fits the bill, the Slim Line collection always delivers. Refined, elegant and understated the watch takes to the spotlight and promises to never boring, a promise is can keep. Look sharp and on the ball with TW Steel’s formal collection.

Suited and booted or smart casual, if you make the effort your watch should too right?. Unique amongst the oversized collections from TW Steel the Slim Line collection keeps all the DNA of its siblings but channels them into an ultra slim sophisticated package that slips under any shirt cuff.

TW Steel watches


Another fast pace collection from TW Steel watches is the TW Steel VR|46 collaboration which delivers on its promise to bring the passion, performance and excitement of MotoGP superstar Valentino Rossi putting a new twist on the TW Steel design. Titanium elements allow the watch to be light weight whilst ‘the Doctor’s’ signature trademark yellow with hints of blue make the influence clear. A racer’s watch inspired by the master himself, accept no substitute.

TW Steel watches

Yamaha Factory Racing

Welcome to the Premier class where the best of the best sit and socialise. The fastest men in the world deserve a timepiece to match. The all-new Grandeur Sport Collection sets up on the winners podium ready to be showered in glory. Celebrating TW Steel partner Yamaha Factory Racing’s dominance in MotoGP, the new collection is worthy of nothing less than true champions.

Make your choice of blue or black, 42mm or 46mm, and stand out with full factory racing materials and construction. Be bold with a carbon fibre dial with YZR-M1 logo, elevated chrono eyes and aluminium bezel. It’s time to take on true champion spirit.

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