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TW Steel the son of time

TW Steel the son of time

TW Steel The Son of Time New Statements for 2017

New custom bikes and matching timepieces added to the collection

The Son of Time roars into 2017 with a new set of custom bikes and matching timepieces announced on the 30th March in where else but Amsterdam of course. They have teamed up with some of the most respected and skilled craftsmen in their trade, the Son of Time endures to bring together the worlds of horology and motorcycles. Going harder, bolder and bigger in true TW Steel style, The brand has brushed the dust off and opened her up for the drive of their life as they designed the new collection and ramps it up alongside the most innovative designs in custom café racers. The original Son of Time was an instant classic but that is not enough for TW Steel, it only left them burning for more and now it’s time to make some noise.


The year previous TW Steel collided with Numbnut Motorcycle’s Roderick Seibert to produce a spectacular pair of one-off creations these two innovative pieces showcased an automotive reflection of TW Steel; their bold design, their craftsmanship and of course their passion. The public and media response to this collaboration was overwhelming and only reinforced what TW Steel had thought, It showed that when pioneers in craftsmanship and design bring together their assets so they can share their vision, they become greater than the sum of their parts. This yearno exception as TW Steel have stormed into the media announcing another collaboration with Son of Time, taking that same attitude that made last year so successful and expanding no even better, exploding it in every possible way. The Son of Time is rolling bigger, bolder and cooler than ever.

TW Steel announced that they will once again be collaborating with automotive giant Yamaha along with a new ensemble of custom bike mechanics to create a ground-breaking set of timepieces that have been partnered up with motorcycles that celebrate the gods of gasoline in true biker style. Focusing on key regions,each bikes and watch duo will have their own original feel while still maintaining the Son of Time DNA which stamped the watch collection into the forefront of the rebels of its time. The custom bike production rattling engines are shaking up the watching world with a unique style to showcase the relationship between motorbikes and timekeeping. These automotive pioneers are at the forefront of engineering, combining their unrivalled flair with the Son of Time style is producing fearsome and gnarly results.

“We are again collaborating with the best custom bike builders in the world, In Germany, Diamond Atelier will bring their trademark vintage yet fresh style to the world of Café Racers. In Spain, the Son of Time teams up with Macco Motors will produce elegant curves and one-of-a-kind pieces. In the Netherlands, we join forces with Ironwood Customs providing the world with ‘brat style’ rides, turning scrappy metal into gold. And finally, serving the international market, we have Matt Black whose dedication to the combination of style and performance have made their customs legendary. Let the good times roll.”  says Auke Possel, Senior Marketing Manager at TW Steel.

Jordy Cobelens, CEO and co-owner of TW Steel added:“This is another chance for us to celebrate the rebels, whose style and attitude we look to for inspiration. The Son of Time informs the bike designs; the bike designs inform the timepiece designs and the circle continues. This is the next chapter in the Son of Time book.”

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