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Casio Watches In The Movies

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casio philsosphyThe Casio Watches and the Casio Brand

Casio Watches was established in 1946 by Kashio Seisakujo in Mitaka, Tokyo. Casio’s core values are creativity and contribution. These values express the company’s commitment to contributing to society by manufacturing useful, unique products in the way that only Casio can.

Products with innovative functions help to assist and educate people in their daily lives and keep society moving forward. Innovative products and design helps to bring joy and happiness to people. Each new product is widely integrated, they open up new ventures and pathways in a completely unique market and this in turn fosters growth in related industries. Casio is a major contributor to society-innovative products that help to enhance people’s lives.


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Casio Watches have featured in hundreds of movies on the big screen and it would be impossible to list them all however we have put together a handful of classic films new and old that we think everyone should know about. The films feature some amazing actors such as Steve Carell, Bradley Cooper, Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore and even the legend Sir David Attenborough. Watches often feature in films all over the world and it can take an eagle eyed viewer to see which watch an actor is wearing. Here in the First Class Watches office we’re avid film fans and the coffee break chat is always about films we’ve seen at the weekend, the topic always seems to turn to which watch an actor or actress was wearing in the film, Surprising considering we’re all watch nerds! That’s right I admitted it!

I feel like the post has digressed a little so I’ll leave you boys and girls to read the infographic, we hope you enjoy! Next time you watch any of these films see if you can spot the watches we have featured!

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