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Why Choose A Seiko Solar Watch?

Seiko Solar Watch

One of the most irritating things that can happen is when your watch suddenly stops working.

All of us rely on our watch to help us manage our time. Almost everyone has smartphone as well which has the time on it, but there is no way to exchange the convenience of having a watch on your wrist.

So what about solar power watches? Seiko solar power watches, as the name implies, are watches that draw power from any light source to power the watches internal movement. Like everything else, Seiko solar watches have pros and cons, so being educated regarding both before purchasing may be beneficial.

Seiko Solar Watch


Solar Seiko watches have many advantages over other watches. As stated before, the main advantage is the fact that solar Seiko watches do not require battery modifications. Because there is no need to replace the electric battery, solar Seiko watches tend to be practically maintenance free.

The lack of requirement for replacing batteries also removes the risk of polluting the environment from thrown away batteries. This makes Seiko solar watches much more environmentally friendly than watches using electric batteries. Furthermore, due to Seiko’s advanced solar technology, solar Seiko watches do not need to have transparent dials like many other solar powered watches. This means that they look more stunning that other solar powered brands. Other watches use technologies that don’t need battery replacements but they also tend to be a bit more bulky. Many watch manufacturers, such as Seiko, make automatic or other watches which use wrist actions to power the watch. The advantage of solar Seiko watches over these is that you don’t have to wear the watch to keep this powered. Simply store this somewhere with natural or artificial light. Keep in mind that sunlight charges solar Seiko watches the fastest, any light source will charge it, however. Another advantage is that solar Seiko watches charge very quickly. It takes about three hours of direct sunlight to fully charge most solar Seiko watches, and even in complete darkness, a full charge endures about 6 or twelve months depending on the watch.



The main drawback to solar Seiko watches is that when kept in darkness for longer than the charge will last, they will stop working. Next time you use your solar Seiko watch you will have to totally reset the time (unless you buy a Seiko auto relay watch). Nevertheless, as stated before, you can avoid this by storing solar Seiko watches somewhere lighted.


In the end, all of us have his or her own viewpoint. The decision to buy a solar Seiko watch more than other watches is yours, but if you look at this range you will realize they are not only extremely practical but they are some of the best looking watches in the world!

You can view our range by clicking here.

The Seiko SSC375P9 Coutura is a sophisticated high quality Seiko watch with an excellent appearance. This Seiko SSC375P9 has luminous dial, scratch resistant glass with blue and red-colored features both round the dial.

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