Men’s Watches Compared To Women’s Watches

men's watches compared to women's watches

Even though the latest surveys show that just over half of youngsters use their phones to tell the time, still over 70% of people wear a wrist watch. Grabbing your smartphone out of your pocket and swiping it on is never going to be as effortless and tilting your wrist and so wrist watches will remain popular.

In recent years many new types of watches have sprung up in the market. Though the designs are varied, we can still categorize them into two main groups: the men’s watches and the women’s watches. Now let’s learn a few differences between these two kinds of watches.

The size: we can always see that men usually wear larger and weightier watches while women prefer lighter and smaller ones. Take for example the Citizen Skyhawk watch, it is huge and they do not do a womens version as you would not get so many features into a watch that would be commercially viable for the womens watch market. A few years ago some of the fashion brands like D&G and Calvin Klein watches did release huge oversized female watches but lately they have all reverted back to a traditional size.

The design: women’s and men’s watches are very different within their styles, which include colours, designs and decorations. For colour, men’s watches are typically in black as well as silver, and some are gold or two tone. Women’s watches can have more types of colours: red-colored, pink, crimson, etc and often have mother of pearl dials. Moreover, designers usually make the mens watches look simpler and organic, while the ladies one are made with finesse. In addition, patterns and decorations have a great impact on the watches’ look. Women’s watches might be set with diamonds, which will make them look more elegant as well as precious than the men’s one, although some mens watches do have diamonds, such as the Citizen BL8042-54E model.

The function: mens watches usually have much more functions compared to women’s one. Calendar and stopwatch are a couple of necessary functions for high end buyers. However, more functions will make the actual watch look much more cumbersome although some do that with style, such as Citizen with their Skyhawk range.

The Citizen JY0110-55E is the most popular watch in the mens range for 2015. This is a very large watch but the titanium case and bracelet makes it feel light on the wrist.

The Skagen 358SGSCD model is the most popular watch in the womens range in 2015. This watch is elegant and yet simple in design with a strong and comfortable mesh strap.

Above all, the differences between men’s watches and women’s watches are very obvious. And I hope that you can learn something from this article.

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