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Nomination Charms for Summer

Summer is here! So say goodbye to your winter charm bracelet and get ready to introduce your wrist to a kaleidoscope of colour. Although various brands now produce charms, there is one that continues to capture the hearts of many. Since its discovery in the 1980s, Nomination has been promoting personalisation through its composable nature. The unique concept ensures that there is a perfect combination of charms to create anyone’s perfect bracelet; no matter the occasion. While the brand produces a wide array of charms, in this guide we will focus on the summer-themed ones. From reoccurring themes of nature to holiday specific symbols, there is something for all! So keep reading to discover our favourite Nomination charms for summer.

Our Favourite Nomination Charms for Summer

Nomination Composable CL OXIDISED PLATES In Steel Enamel And 925 Silver Heart With Plane 330208/02

If you’re jetting off overseas this summer, this charm deserves a first class seat on your bracelet. Surrounded by clouds and framed by a red enamel heart, an airplane features at the centre of the charm. Bold and beautiful, the red heart provides a nice contrast to the stainless steel and sterling silver background. The oxidised silver plane and clouds emphasise this further. While for some people this charm is a symbol of summer holidays, for others it is a symbol of a honeymoon. But, no matter how you view it, it is a lovely addition to any charm bracelet. Especially if it revolves around the theme of travel.

Nomination Composable CL SYMBOLS Steel Cubic Zirconia And Silver 925 Sun With Yellow CZ 330304/29

Do you love the summer sun? If so, this charm is the one for you! Crafted from stainless steel and sterling silver, a sun-shaped symbol features at the centre of the charm. For a glamourous touch, the sun is set with three yellow cubic zirconia gemstones. And just like the sun in the sky, they will sparkle and shine. Thanks to the brand’s ingenious spring mechanism, this charm can attach to any Nomination bracelet. So whether you’re adding it to an already summer-inspired bracelet, or you’re starting from scratch, it is a beautiful addition. Simply stunning, it is sure to grab the attention of anyone looking at your wrist.

Nomination Composable Pink Daisy With Crystal Butterfly Charm 331814/08

Summer is a typical time for daisies to bloom, so it’s only fitting that this charm features on your bracelet during these months. Crafted from stainless steel and sterling silver, this charm has a pretty pink and white daisy at its centre. Acting as a disc floret, the daisy features a central yellow cubic zirconia stone. For added dimension, a butterfly-shaped pendant hangs from the charm. Incredibly detailed, it is set with white cubic zirconia stones. And for an elegant appeal, all the details on this charm are finished by hand. Whether you get this charm for yourself, or gift it for a summer birthday, it is a great way to embrace the joy of living!

Nomination Composable Classic SYMBOLS In Stainless Steel Enamel And Silver 925 Cocktail 330202/26

Nothing quite says ‘summer’ like cocktails in a beach bar. And while this may not be achievable for all, wearing this charm will act as a constant reminder of those good times. Crafted from stainless steel and sterling silver, this charm has a cocktail design at its centre. Yellow enamel forms the body of the cocktail glass, and for a playful touch the glass is decorated with a pink enamel umbrella and a red enamel fruit slice. Bright and beautiful, the colours used for this cocktail design ensure that the charms stands out amongst any others on the bracelet. If you want to stick to a theme, why not purchase another cocktail charm in a complementary colour?

Nomination Composable Rose Gold Camera With Enamel Flowers Charm 430202/31

The perfect way to capture your summer memories, this stainless steel charm features various bonded rose gold details. The main one is the camera which features at the centre of the charm. Incredibly detailed, the engraved lines on the camera not only showcase key elements, like the lens and the viewfinder, but they also add elements of texture. Pink and white enamel flowers surround the camera. Picture perfect, they complement the rose gold tones of the camera flawlessly. Whether you add this charm to a bracelet with other summer-inspired pieces, or wear it amongst a random selection, it is an elegant and refined choice. Hence it makes complete sense that it is one of our favourite Nomination charms for summer.

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What did you think of our favourite Nomination charms for summer? Will you be adding any to your bracelet whilst the shopping spree is on? Let us know in the comments below!

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