5 Ways to Celebrate National Watch Day

June 19th marks National Watch Day. And while this is a relatively new day, founded in 2017, it is of extreme importance; especially to us here at First Class Watches. National Watch Day is here to show appreciation for the unique and special qualities of a timepiece and honour the horological industry’s rich history. Even with the advent of smartphones and tablets, nothing quite tells the time like a wristwatch. Reliable and precise, you just can’t beat the classics! While a large sum understand the significance of a watch, others are not so certain. Educating yourself on watches is just one of the many ways in which you can celebrate this national day. However, if this doesn’t appeal to you there are other ways in which you can do so to. From gifting to cleaning up an old one, keep reading for 5 ways to celebrate National Watch Day.

History of National Watch Day

National Watch Day was first established in 2017 by the high-end department store, Nordstrom. This American retail founded the day to show much deserved attention to the rich history and fascinating design of the watchmaking craft. With the rise of smartwatches and smartphones, the need for wearing a traditional watch has diminished over the past few years. So, National Watch Day is the perfect way to raise the profile of modern wristwatches and get consumers excited about wearing them.

5 Ways to Celebrate National Watch Day

1. Treat Yourself

It sounds like we’re stating the obvious, however, on this day many people will forget to treat themselves. Whether you want to upgrade your current timepiece, or maybe purchase the first of many, National Watch Day is the perfect occasion to do so. Make sure to browse the selection of watches on our website. After all, we are an official retailer for over 100 watch brands!

2. Gift a Watch to a Loved One

Since a watch holds sentimental value and is an item that can be worn every day, it is also one of the best gifts you can give to someone you love. Not only will you be celebrating the day, but you will also make a loved one happy!

3. Educate Yourself on the History of Watches

Watches have a rich history that many of us are unaware of. So why not take this day as an opportunity to educate yourself? Whether you want to learn about the origins of the wristwatch or see a detailed timeline of its developments from the past decades, there are numerous pieces of information that support this. So get exploring and increase your knowledge of the horological world.

4. Recover Your Old Watches

If you have a wide selection of watches sitting in a drawer or box, why not bring them back to life? Dust off the cobwebs, revive your classic timepieces and fall back in love with time. If want to keep your watches, fantastic! However, if you have moved on and want to part ways with your previous collection, this perfectly leads us onto our final way to celebrate National Watch Day.

5. Donate Your Watches to a Charitable Cause

Many charity shops accept unwanted watches, so rather than letting them grow old in your cupboards, gift them to a better cause. Not only will you feel good for donating your watches, but you can rest assured that they are going to a better home. Although they might not sell for much, they can make a world of difference to many people; especially for those who can’t afford the luxury of a smartphone.

What did you think of our 5 ways to celebrate National Watch Day? Will you be following any on June 19th? Let us know in the comments!

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