Watches 101: What’s the Difference Between Milanese and Mesh?

If you’re in the market for a new watch band, you may have heard the terms Milanese and mesh. Both made from metal mesh, the watch bands appear the same at first glance. However, there are some key differences between the two which can impact their overall comfort and durability. Throughout this guide we will tell you the difference between Milanese and mesh, as well as showcase some watches that secure with each type of band. So if you want to learn more, keep reading!

What’s the Difference Between Milanese and Mesh?

There are six key differences between Milanese and mesh, those being: construction, texture, flexibility, security, comfort and appearance. Knowing these will help you distinguish one from the other, and also give you a deeper understanding about which strap is the best option for you. After all, it’s down to personal choice as to which type you choose.

Construction, Texture and Flexibility

The main differentiation between the two is their construction. Mesh watch bands are made up of a woven material, while Milanese watch bands are made up of interlocking metal links that are finely woven. The construction of each strap also impacts their overall durability. Mesh straps often feature looser weaves, so they are more prone to damage. Whereas, the fine, interlocking nature of Milanese straps provide a safe and secure structure, so they are more suitable for everyday wear.

Texture is another key difference. While the mesh bracelets have a more pronounced texture, the Milanese bracelets have a more smooth texture. Said texture will impact the overall comfort of the strap on your skin, so why not test both? This way, you’ll gain a greater understanding as to which type of band provides you with the most comfort.

Due to its open weave design, a mesh band is more flexible than a Milanese one. However, some side effects come with this flexibility. Mesh bands are more likely to catch on clothing or objects, whereas due to their rigid nature, Milanese bands are firm and less likely to catch; a key difference between the two which will ultimately impact the wearer’s experience.

Security, Comfort and Appearance

The Milanese band is generally considered more secure than the mesh band, as the interlocking links provide a more stable and durable fit. However, it is ultimately down to the fastening that each band uses, which in most cases is a sliding buckle.

With a smooth and comfortable feel against the skin, Milanese is often the preferred bracelet choice for many. However, a standard mesh bracelet can be just as comfortable. It’s important to remember, this will differ from person to person. So if your partner has Milanese, but you prefer how mesh feels on your skin, get the mesh. After all, comfort is key!

Undeniably, both bands offer a sleek and modern appearance. But, due to its smooth texture and interlocking links, the Milanese band is often viewed as more elegant and refined. Moreover, some bands may have a coating to enhance their appearance. This can impact how well the band holds up, as sometimes the coating wears off and chips with frequent wear.

The Difference Between Milanese and Mesh: Our Recommendations


Bering Woman’s Ceramic Blue Milanese Strap 11429-367

A perfect affair of modern elegance and timeless minimalism, this Bering is the ideal accessory for any stylish woman. Reminiscent of Nordic beauty, the blue mother-of-pearl dial features 12 crystal-set indices and rose gold-coloured hands. To complement this, a blue high-tech ceramic bezel and a 29mm polished stainless steel case frame the dial. An especially hard and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal also frames the dial. While it showcases the watch’s great durability, it also ensures a clear view of the pretty dial. A modern blue-coloured Milanese strap, with rose gold accents, secures the watch. Smooth and comfortable against the skin, it provides the watch with the classic Bering look. Powered by a quartz movement, and with up to 50 metres of water resistance, this Bering is a stylish choice for everyday wear.

Skagen Men’s Signatur Black Monochrome Milanese Mesh Watch SKW6579

This sculptural model exhibits a finely sandblasted midnight black dial with sleek baton indices. As well as this, the dial features black hour and minute hands with a white coating and a black second hand. All of which complement the model’s monochrome colour scheme perfectly. Measuring 40mm in diameter, and made of at least 50% recycled stainless steel, a midnight black-plated case frames the dial. Ensuring the watch can withstand daily wear relatively well, an impact mineral crystal also frames the dial. A Japanese three-hand Quartz movement powers the timepiece, so reliability and accuracy is guaranteed. Concluding the all-black colour scheme, the watch is finished with a midnight black Milanese mesh strap. Its safety mesh buckle closure ensures ultimate security on the wrist.


Daniel Wellington Quadro Crystal Bezel (20mm) Pink Mother of Pearl Dial / Rose-Gold PVD Stainless Steel Mesh DW00100669

With a sophisticated and versatile design, this Daniel Wellington is perfect for an occasion. Crafted from rose gold-coloured stainless steel, it is designed to create an eye-catching statement. For a seamless look, the pink mother-of-pearl dial features rose gold-coloured hands and baton indices. Although simple in nature, they complement the dial greatly. Enhancing the elegance of the timepiece, and sparkling from every angle, a crystal-set bezel frames the dial. Pretty and petite, the 20mm double-plated stainless steel case houses a Japanese quartz movement; it perfectly complements the watch’s distinct Scandinavian style. A rose gold-coloured mesh bracelet secures the watch to the wrist. Not only does it provide great comfort on the wrist, but it also emphasises the watch’s beautiful appearance.

BOSS Principle (41mm) Blue Dial / Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet 1514115

Part of the men’s Principle collection, this Boss model has an intrinsic air of elegant sophistication. For a stylish look, the blue dial exhibits a guilloché pattern with silver Roman numerals. The hour, minute and second hands are also silver to complement the design. Moreover, for extra functionality, a date aperture features at 6 o’clock. A brushed stainless steel case frames the dial. Measuring 41mm in diameter, it houses the precise and reliable quartz movement that powers the timepiece. Furthermore, a stainless steel mesh bracelet secures the watch to the wrist. While it provides great comfort, it also enhances the contemporary appeal of the model. With a Boss watch, sharp cuts, clean designs and quality materials are always on the agenda; and this men’s Principle makes no exception.

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