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Introducing the Thomas Sabo x Haribo Collection

Kids and grown ups love it, and so should you! In exciting news, the happy world of Haribo meets the shiny world of Thomas Sabo. Bright and colourful, with an almost ‘Y2K’ feel, the Thomas Sabo x Haribo collection consists of various pieces of Goldbear jewellery. Just as sweet as its edible variants, the colour of each Goldbear reflects its flavour; and although they look delicious, please don’t eat this kind! Evidently, there is a large array of unique jewellery within this playful collection. So we have curated this list of our favourite pieces to help you with your purchase decisions. Keep reading to see our top picks!

The Thomas Sabo x Haribo Collection: Our Top Picks

Multicoloured Goldbears Sterling Silver Bracelet A2152-017-7-L19V

Sustainable and stylish, the bracelet is made of recycled silver. For a fun and fruity look, five high-quality, shatterproof and slightly satinised crystal glass Goldbears hang from the chain. Green, yellow, red, orange and white, you don’t have to pick one; instead you can rock them all! The bracelet fastens with an adjustable lobster clasp, so you can choose your desired length. This makes it both a great solo and layering piece! Moreover, for an added touch, the bracelets end features a coin with the an engraving of the Thomas Sabo x Haribo collection logo.

Goldbear Logo Charm Sterling Silver Enamel 2180-664-7

Crafted from recycled, slightly blackened silver, this playfully designed charm places focus on the infamous Haribo Goldbear. The charm is hand-painted with yellow, red and black cold enamel; helping to accentuate the Goldbear, its bow and the Haribo lettering. On the posterior, the charm features a black outline of the bear as well as the Thomas Sabo x Haribo logo. A lobster clasp secures the charm, and due to its attachable nature, can feature on an array of the brand’s jewellery. Whether you add it to a bracelet or a necklace, this cheeky charm is sure to stand out!

Mini Blue Goldbear White Zirconia Sterling Silver Ring EU54 TR2459-052-1-54

Sparkling from every angle, this recycled silver ring features an array of white Zirconia stones along its band. And at its centre, a beautiful blue bear made of high-quality, shatterproof and satinised crystal glass. Safe and secure, a four-claw setting holds the bear in place. Acting as a constant reminder of your love for the famous gummy bears, the back of the bear features a heart cut out. Although hidden from view, it’s an addition that provides the ring with more personal notes.; potentially bringing back childhood memories for its wearer.

Green Goldbear White Zirconia Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Hoop Earring – Single Earring ONLY CR726-414-6

So sweet and deceptively real, this single hoop earring is made of recycled silver with an 18k gold plating. For a glamorous look, the earring features multiple white Zirconia stones. However, its highlight is the green Haribo Goldbear pendant that hangs from the hoop. Guaranteeing great comfort and security, the earring fastens with a lever back clasp. The perfect accessory for a Y2K look, although this earring rides solo, it allows for countless styling opportunities. So whether you wear it as it comes or mix and match with a corresponding colour, like the red Goldbear, a unique look is always on the cards.

Multicoloured Goldbear Peal Necklace 50cm KE2208-052-7-L50V

Like our first pick in this guide, the necklace features a selection of five Goldbears. But in this version, they receive an elegant twist. Introducing elements of class, each pendant hangs from a freshwater curated pearl necklace. Recycled silver eyelets with white Zirconia stones enhance the necklace’s glamorous appeal. A simple but noticeable detail, they help elevate the piece of jewellery and take it to new heights. Providing the wearer with the opportunity to layer, the necklace fastens with an adjustable lobster clasp. Finally, for an added touch, the coin at the necklace’s end exhibits an adorable Goldbear as well as the Thomas Sabo x Haribo logo.

The perfect affair between pop culture and timelessness, the Thomas Sabo x Haribo collection is not one to miss out on! So if these pieces have caught your eye, click here to browse the full collection on our website.

What are your thoughts on the Thomas Sabo x Haribo collection? Will you be adding a piece to your jewellery assortment? Let us know in the comments!

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