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Introducing ChloBo’s In Bloom Collection

Spring has officially sprung, and to celebrate this new season ChloBo has launched their In Bloom collection! Inspired by the floral streets of Paris in springtime, this feminine and expressive collection consists of various pieces of jewellery that feature the semi-precious stone, Aventurine. A stone of sublime prosperity and purpose, Aventurine can bring a great fortune.

From flower mandalas that assist you in evolving on your life journey, to stone-set pendants which provide the opportunity for self-love, ChloBo has designed this collection with the wearer’s growth in mind. Evidently, there is a large array of beautiful jewellery within ChloBo’s In Bloom collection. So we have curated this list of our favourite pieces to help you with your purchase decisions. Keep reading to see our top picks!

ChloBo’s In Bloom Collection

ChloBo In Bloom FLOWER MANDALA Aventurine Bracelet – 925 Sterling Silver SBAFR3404

Featuring beads of semi-precious Aventurine, this 925 sterling silver bracelet guides you towards a fresh perspective. The flower mandala charm which hangs from the centre is a symbol of connection on a spiritual journey. As well as this, it encourages the wearer to live life to the full and blossom freely. It’s important to note that Aventurine is a natural stone, so the colour and size may vary. However, this adds to the unique charm of the beautiful bracelet.

ChloBo In Bloom GOOD FORTUNE Aventurine Bracelet – Gold Plated GBAFRO

With a strong attraction to luck, Aventurine beads draw the wearer to good fortune wherever they go. Not only do the light green stones bring you good energy and positivity, but they also perfectly complement the gold-plated beads. With this bracelet on your wrist, good energy and positivity are sure to come your way. While the bracelet is beautiful as a stand-alone piece, why not layer it with additional bracelets for even more luck? Another gold-plated bracelet would be perfect, but as the beads on this bracelet are quite thick, a piece with a more dainty appearance would look the best.

ChloBo In Bloom TRAVEL SEEKER Small Hoops – 925 Sterling Silver SEH3402

Inspired by Parisian architecture, these small hoop earrings provide a protective shield on your travels. As well as this, they can dispel negative energy and help connect you to distant places. The ‘huggie’ style of these 925 sterling silver hoops means they will sit very close to the earlobe and adopt a seamless-looking finish. In addition, their thin nature makes them comfortable for all-day wear and even to sleep in. Add these hoops to your jewellery box and embrace luck and prosperity wherever you may be.

ChloBo In Bloom WISTERIA Delicate Cube Chain Necklace – Gold Plated GNDC3423

Featuring an intricate loop of wisteria on a delicate cube chain, this piece reflects the enchanting Parisian spring time of blossoming growth. It encourages longevity, luck and kindness, so it is a perfect piece for the new season. As this necklace fastens with a lobster clasp, its length can vary from 46-51cm. You can wear it alone for a classic look or amongst other ChloBo In Bloom necklaces for added texture. Elevate your look with this necklace and feel confident this spring.

ChloBo In Bloom MINI CUTE and Aventurine Anklet – 925 Sterling Silver SANMCA

Although not always seen, an anklet is a beautiful piece of jewellery; this ChloBo piece makes no exception. As you absorb the powers of the Aventurine stones, the illusion style of the anklet creates an effortless layered look. Perfect for the beach or a picnic in the park, it is a great piece to finish off any spring outfit; especially ones with green details.

The jewellery mentioned in this guide is only our top picks. However, if they have caught your eye, you can click here to view the full In Bloom collection on our website.

What are your thoughts on ChloBo’s In Bloom collection? Will you be wearing a piece from it this spring? Let us know in the comments!

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