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New Limited Edition Seiko Astron “Brilliance”

New Limited Edition Seiko Astron "Brilliance"

Last week, Seiko announced a new limited edition Seiko Astron “Brilliance” watch. This launch came as very exciting news to fans of the brand as the watch is part of Seiko’s 100th Anniversary celebrations. Throughout 2024, Seiko is celebrating 100 years of the Seiko name being on a watch. The brand is marking this momentous occasion with a series of special and limited edition timepieces from the brand’s most iconic collections. This model is limited to just 1,000 pieces worldwide, making it a highly collectable timepiece.

The new model comes from the brand’s Astron collection. Astron has always been a synonym for innovation in Seiko’s history. The original Astron was the world’s first-ever GPS solar watch. These timepieces never need a battery change and are powered by light. Astonr watches automatically adjust to the correct time zone using the latest GPS technology.

Seiko Astron “Brilliance” 5X GPS Solar Chronograph Limited Edition ‘Kintaro Hattori’ – 100th Anniversary of Seiko SSH156J1

New Limited Edition Seiko Astron "Brilliance"

This brand-new timepiece adds to a series of commemorative watches that have been created to celebrate 100 years of the Seiko name on a watch. This model is named ‘Kintari Hattori’ after Seiko’s founder. The design of this limited edition timepiece is inspired by the view of Earth at night from a space satellite. The watch has a contemporary feel with sleek lines and an angular design, making it perfect for those with a love of a modern aesthetic. With a low centre of gravity, this watch will sit comfortably on the wrist.

New Limited Edition Seiko Astron "Brilliance"

The Dial and Movement

The dial of this watch is black and exhibits a chronograph design. The sub-dials are arranged in a vertical formation. This layout is a first for the Seiko Astron. A date aperture also features on the dial between 4 and 5 o’clock. The hour and minute hands are gold, ensuring they stand out from the dial. The second hand is silver, making it easy to follow on its journey around the dial. The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal that has been treated with Super Clear Coating.

A Calibre 5X83 GPS solar movement powers the watch and ensures that it always shows the correct time, no matter where in the world you are.

The Case and Finishing Touches

Little touches of luxury are featured in every element of this watch. A notable one is the black ceramic bezel. This sits atop the black titanium case that has been treated with a Super Hard Coating. This treatment provides extra durability and ensures this watch retains its ‘just unboxed’ look for longer. The back of the case is a bold gold colour, making it the perfect place for a few subtle details. The case back is adorned with Kintaro Hattori’s name, an ‘S’ symbol, and Hattori’s lifelong motto.

The bracelet of the watch is also created using Super Hard Coated black titanium. This material provides a lightweight, yet incredibly durable, finish. A water resistance rating of up to 10 bar ensures that the timepiece can be worn for almost every occasion. For a truly special finish touch, this new watch comes with a special edition box and a black silicone strap option. An ‘S’ symbol pink lapel badge is also included.

If the new limited edition Seiko Astron “Brilliance” has caught your eye, click here to browse it on our website.

What are your thoughts on the new limited edition Seiko Astron “Brilliance” watch? Would you add this timepiece to your collection? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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