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Jewellery for Easter 2024

As Easter approaches, it’s the perfect time to infuse your wardrobe with fresh flair and seasonal charm. Whether you’re attending a family gathering or brunch with friends, mastering the art of accessorising can elevate your outfits to new heights. While many people think to just switch up their clothes, jewellery should be rotated too. After all, who wants to be wearing autumnal accessories in the middle of spring? We have curated a selection of jewellery for Easter 2024 to help you find the perfect pieces that complement this celebration and the wider season of spring. So keep reading to discover our top picks!

Our Top Jewellery for Easter 2024

Swarovski Idyllia Butterfly Bracelet Gold-Tone Plated Pink Yellow and White Crystals 5670053

Butterflies are a powerful metaphor for the resurrection of Jesus. So not only does this bracelet look pretty on the wrist but it also carries a deeper meaning. Crafted from gold tone-plated metal, the top half of the bracelet is a solid bangle, whilst the bottom half is a delicate chain. A beautiful butterfly is positioned at the centre, and for a glamourous look, it is adorned with pink, white, black and yellow crystals. Guaranteeing a perfect fit, the bracelet fastens with a sliding closure. In addition, this closure provides you with the opportunity to layer. So why not curate a stack with other Swarovski bracelets and make a statement this Easter?

ChloBo MAN Gold Belcher Chain Embossed Cross Necklace GCBEL3505M

Showcasing that jewellery isn’t just for women, ChloBo has introduced a stylish men’s range to their portfolio. This necklace is one of the best-sellers. Some people believe that the wearing of a cross offers protection from evil, so this ChloBo Man necklace is a great piece of jewellery for Easter. Whether worn alone or stacked with other necklaces, this gold-plated necklace is a solid piece for a clean cut-look. The chunky belcher chain used to hold the charm creates quite a masculine image. However, it does not take the attention away from the statement cross piece. This necklace will help elevate any Easter outfit, and it should be a staple accessory in any man’s wardrobe. 

James Moore TH 9ct Yellow Gold Pink Cubic Zirconia Flower Stud Earrings ES718R

Worn only two times a year, pink is a special colour in the Catholic church. It represents joy and love, two central themes in the story of Easter. In nature pink can be seen in blossoming flowers which signify the beauty of new life, so these studs are incredibly fitting. For a timeless and luxurious finish, the earrings are made from 9ct yellow gold and they feature pink cubic zirconia detailing. Their flower shape makes them a perfect piece of jewellery for Easter. Especially for those children or teenagers who don’t want to wear bright and bold pieces. Securing the studs on the ear is a butterfly clasp that provides great comfort. You can style these earrings for Easter and everyday wear, and they won’t feel heavy at all!

Nomination Composable CL Symbols Stainless Steel Silver 925 And Cubic Zirconia Daffodil 330311/14

Since daffodils symbolise rebirth and new beginnings, they are an incredibly popular Easter flower. While they remain pretty for a few days, they slowly start to disintegrate. So if you normally gift your partner a bouquet of flowers on Easter Sunday, think about getting them this charm instead. After all, it has both more longevity and meaning. For a clean and classic look, the link is crafted from stainless steel and the daffodil from 925 sterling silver. A sparkling yellow cubic zirconia gemstone is set into the centre of the flower. Durable materials have been used in this charm, offering a nice contrast to the fragility that comes alongside wilting flowers. Associated with the sun’s warmth, this daffodil charm is a perfect piece of jewellery for Easter celebrations.

Elements Gold pk Y/gold Garnet Birthstone Pendant Only GP2189

This beautiful pendant is crafted from 9ct gold. All the attention is placed on the gorgeous garnet; it creates a desirable fusion between classic and contemporary jewellery. A four-claw setting houses the gemstone and provides great security. This piece is a pendant only so it can be styled with any chain. However, we recommend a fine 9ct yellow gold chain as it will complement them gemstone perfectly. One of the crucial gemstones for lower chakras, garnet brings us many treats when used for Easter. It can heal your disorders and spread cheers all around. Moreover, garnet attracts happiness and enthusiasm around the wearer too.

What did you think of our top jewellery for Easter 2024? Will you be styling any of our picks for your Easter celebrations? Let us know in the comments!

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