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How to Build a Capsule Jewellery Collection

Building a capsule jewellery collection takes time and effort. The pieces you choose should reflect your personal style and be easy to wear with your current wardrobe. If you aren’t selective with your jewellery pieces, you likely won’t enjoy wearing them. It could take some time to grow your collection, so take pleasure with the pieces you already own and don’t make any impulsive purchases that won’t complement your current capsule. Refining your collection to include only items that are both versatile and classic is a smart approach to fashion. So keep reading to learn how to build a capsule jewellery collection and accessorise like a pro!

What is a Capsule Jewellery Collection?

Just like a capsule wardrobe, a capsule jewellery collection consists of essential pieces that make a versatile and functional collection. Curating a jewellery capsule simplifies the process of accessorising each day. You don’t have to think about if your jewellery will match your outfit because the whole concept of a capsule is to streamline your collection to include only items that suit your individual style.

A jewellery capsule should follow the concept of ‘quality over quantity’. Placing focus on timeless pieces that can be worn with a variety of outfits is key. Jewellery capsules can be worn year-round, so it is important to select a collection that complements the fashion of each season. However, if you’re someone who changes with the seasons, you can create different capsule to suit this.

How to Build a Capsule Jewellery Collection

1. Choose a Metal

While some people love to mix their metals, for a more efficient capsule, we recommend picking one metal and sticking to it. Choosing one metal will provide a more cohesive look. At the moment, gold is the most popular metal choice for fashion jewellery. However, it is completely up to you as to what metal you choose.

If you are unsure of what metal you want to base your capsule around, you can perform a simple test. By checking what colour your veins are, you will find out whether gold or silver suits you better. For example, if your veins are mainly blue, then your skin has cool undertones and silver jewellery complements you best. Whereas, if your veins have more of a green colour, your skin has warm undertones and gold jewellery suits you the most.

Ultimately what metal you pick is completely up to you. If silver suits your skin better, but you prefer how gold looks on you, choose the gold! After all, you’ll be wearing these pieces daily and need to feel confident in them.

2. Earrings

To start building your jewellery capsule, consider what type of earrings you would like to wear. Whether they are chunky, statement pieces or a pair of simple hoops, they are great items to base your capsule around. Earrings should be versatile and timeless, so keep make sure to keep this in mind when selecting your perfect pair.

Small Diamond Studs: Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver White Studs H1963-051-14

Small diamond studs are great for when you want to keep it simple. They’re a subtle, versatile yet incredibly effective piece of jewellery that can elevate any outfit. This pair, from Thomas Sabo, is crafted from sterling silver. A sparkling white zirconia stone is set at the centre of each earring, while the edge of each earring is engraved with the Thomas Sabo logo. To ensure they sit securely in the ear, the earrings fasten with a post and butterfly closure. Small diamond studs are perfect for any occasion, so they are great to have in a jewellery capsule.

Simple Hoops: James Moore TH 9k Yellow Gold 10mm Sleepers ES110

While pairing with almost any outfit, hoops also add a feminine touch to your look. This pair from James Moore does exactly that. Although simple in design, these hoops are very functional. Their ‘sleeper’ design means you can wear them continuously and their small, thin and close to-the-earlobe nature makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods. These 10mm hoops fasten with a hinged clasp, so remain securely in the ear; even whilst moving in your sleep. Over the past couple of years, yellow gold has become increasingly popular in the jewellery market. Its luxurious, yet somewhat vintage, look is appealing to many. So adding this pair to your capsule shows that you not only appreciate current fashion trends but know how to integrate them into your current collection.

3. Necklaces

A simple necklace can truly elevate any outfit. However, when choosing one for your capsule collection, make sure it will complement a variety of necklines. After all, what’s the point in wearing a chocker necklace when you have a turtleneck jumper on? There are so many necklace types out there, so take your time when selecting one and make sure it is the perfect piece for your capsule.

Chain Necklace: ChloBo Rhythm of Water Necklace | Sterling Silver SNRHYTHM

Whether you wear this chain necklace solo or layered, it is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Crafted from 925 sterling silver, its small, noodle-like links provide a subtle look. In addition, its assortment of silver beads, in a range of shapes and sizes, creates a dainty feel. To ensure that this necklace can be worn with a variety of necklines it fastens with an adjustable lobster clasp. This flexibility means it is the perfect piece to wear both on its own or styled with other necklaces for a layered look. Why not add a chain necklace to your capsule jewellery collection and make accessorising that much easier?

Pendant Necklace: Michael Kors Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Necklace Crystal-Set Heart Pendant MKC1120AN710

Fancy something with a bit more character? Then upgrade your chain to include a pendant. This sterling silver necklace has a 14k gold-plated finish and is adorned with two heart pendants. The top heart is set with pavé crystal zirconia accents, while the bottom heart has a polished finish. For a unique and personalised touch, the bottom heart can be engraved with a special message. To ensure that the focus stays on the pretty pendant, it is attached to a simple gold chain. Due to its length, a pendant necklace is ideal to wear with more exposed necklines. However, this necklace includes an extender so it can be worn with a wider range of necklines.

4. Bracelets

When choosing a bracelet for your capsule, pick one that will layer easily. While a dainty, timeless bracelet may be one person’s go to, a chunky cuff may be someone else’s. Regardless of what bracelet you choose, make sure its one that reflects your personal style and provides you with the opportunity to stack. Create a solid base that you love and then build a collection over time.

Cuff Bracelet: BOSS Jewellery Women’s Saya Stainless Steel Crystal Set Bangle 1580284

A classic cuff bracelet is a must-have in any jewellery capsule. Whether you wear it on its own, or layered with other bracelets, it adds some interest to your arm; the styling possibilities are endless. Crafted from stainless steel, this cuff bangle is made up of three strands. For a contemporary feel, the strands are entwined and one of them is entirely crystal-set. To ensure the bangle fits a variety of wrist sizes, it exhibits an open design. Because of this, it can be worn on various points of the arm and allow additional room for layering.

Dainty Bracelet: Olivia Burton Gold-Plated Pearl Cluster Bracelet 24100069

A dainty bracelet is a perfect way to add elements of class into a jewellery capsule. The timeless nature of this bracelet type means you can wear it all year-round; it will never go out of style. This Olivia Burton bracelet exhibits a delicate gold-plated chain. Putting a contemporary twist on a classic design, a trio cluster of pearls adorn the chain. Their shimmering finish provide an elegant feel. The bracelet measures approximately 17.6cm in length and fastens with a spring ring clasp. For greater comfortability, the bracelet also comes with an adjustable toggle. You can choose how tight you want the bracelet to fasten as well as where it sits on your wrist. For a cohesive capsule, pair this dainty bracelet with its matching necklace.

5. Watches

When building your jewellery capsule you may not think to include a watch. However, they pair hand in hand with bracelets and are, more often than not, the missing piece to any elevated outfit. A petite or vintage-style watch arguably complements most types of jewellery, so try and choose one of these when creating your capsule. Make sure that the watch complements your wrist size and isn’t too flashy! Although you may wear it as an accessory, rather than as a timepiece, a watch provides elements of sophistication to your look; something we all want to achieve with our jewellery capsules.

Petite Watch: Tissot Women’s Lovely Stainless Steel Bracelet Plated Silver Dial T0580091103100

Designed for smaller wrists, this watch’s stainless steel case measures 19.5mm in diameter. Silver-tone baton indices and hands complement the silver sunray dial and a date aperture features at the 6 o’clock position. A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects the dial of the watch. Its durable nature means you can wear this watch daily and not have to worry about it getting damaged; all the more reason to include it in your capsule. Completing the feminine look is a stainless steel bracelet that fastens with a jewellery clasp. A quartz movement powers the watch, so you can guarantee its reliability. Discreet yet elegant, this Tissot T-Lady is a must-have watch in any jewellery capsule.

Vintage-Style Watch: Fossil Women’s Harwell (28mm) Silver Dial / Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet ES5327

If you want a watch that oozes vintage style, look no further than this Harwell model from Fossil. Its rectangular silver dial features gold Arabic numeral indices as well as gold hour, minute and second hands. A gold-tone stainless steel rectangular case frames the dial. It measures 28mm and takes inspiration from Fossil’s iconic Heritage D-Link. Adding to the watch’s durability levels, a strong mineral crystal protects the dial. A gold-tone stainless steel bracelet secures the watch to the wrist. It fastens with an adjust-o-matic closure, so you can self-adjust the size of the strap depending on how you want it to fit.

6. Rings

The final step in building your capsule jewellery collection is to curate a selection of rings. You might have a certain ring that you already wear, so why not take inspiration from it? Find pieces that complement the ring; this way you don’t have to remove it from your collection. Staple pieces like stackable rings are a great choice, but if you want something more out there, cocktail rings fit this perfectly.

Stackable Rings: ChloBo Moon & Sun Set of 2 | Rings Medium SR2582

These Moon & Sun rings are the perfect set for an instant stacked look. The set includes one ring with moon and sun charms hanging from it and another ring solely for stacking purposes. For a cohesive look, both rings are comprised of small silver beads that come in a range of shapes. To ensure a luxurious, long-lasting finish the rings are crafted from 925 sterling silver. Like all pieces of ChloBo jewellery, these rings are approved by AnchorCert Protect. So if you have known metal allergies or sensitive skin, these rings are safe for you to wear and add to your capsule.

Cocktail Ring: Swarovski Millenia Green Octagon Crystal Ring 5619626

Characterised by their large and flamboyant appearance, cocktail rings are a great statement piece to add to any jewellery capsule. Designed to spark conversation, this Swarovski ring features two octagon-cut crystals. Their gorgeous green hue, paired with the gold-tone plated band, provides a flawless finish. For ultimate security, a four-claw setting holds the crystals in place. The beauty of this ring is that you can wear it alone, or stack it with others. However, to avoid overdoing your look, try and stack this piece with more subtle rings in the same metal. Regardless of how you wear this ruing, it is bound to add elements of fun to your capsule collection.

A jewellery capsule should be follow the phrase ‘quality over quantity’. So when building your own, make sure to always keep it in mind. Select pieces that reflect your personal style and watch how easy accessorising becomes!

What did you think of our guide on how to build a jewellery capsule collection? Have we inspired you to make one yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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