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All-New Swatch Art Journey 2024 Watches

Attention all art lovers! After the success of their previous Art Journey timepieces, Swatch has released all-new Art Journey 2024 watches. This new collection is a collaboration with the renowned Tate and it celebrates a journey through time, genre and self-expression. The wearable masterpieces are inspired by artists known for their boundary pushing and positive provocation; and in true Swatch style, they are also bold, statement pieces.

The Swatch x Tate Art Journey 2024 collection consists of four models. Each inspired by a different artist, they offer the opportunity for aesthetes to wear a piece of their favourite artwork. While Swatch has placed a strong focus on the aesthetics of each watch, functionality has not been ignored. Powered by reliable quartz movements and made from high-quality materials, the timepieces are perfect for everyday wear. If the all-new Swatch Art Journey 2024 watches have piqued your interest so far, keep reading to discover more!

All-New Swatch Art Journey 2024 Watches


This model showcases the artwork ‘Two Women Holding Flowers’ by French painter and sculptor, Fernand Léger. The vivid strap and dial capture the essence of Cubism as well as Léger’s exploration and celebration of shape. Keeping in with the bold and bright theme, the central hands of the watch are each a different colour. The hour hand is yellow, the minute hand is red and the second hand is green. Not only does this complement Léger’s artwork but it also helps the wearer tell the time. A matte black case with Léger’s painting frames the dial. Measuring 41mm in diameter, it is an inclusive size that both men and women can wear. Léger’s painting further extends over the case and onto the topside of the silicone strap; the underside is a matte black colour. To finish the strap, the transparent loop is printed with the Tate Gallery logo.

If you have a unique and abstract aesthetic, why not wear this watch with Léger’s artwork to enhance your style?


Amidst the array of vibrant colours, the dial and strap of this model exhibit the painting ‘The Blue Circus’ by artist, Marc Chagall. As well as the bright yellow moon, the dial also features black hour and minute hands. Emphasising the whimsical theme of the circus, a moon and eye balance on each hand; a moon on the hour hand and an eye on the minute hand. A transparent, shiny blue case frames the dial. Measuring 41mm in diameter, it perfectly complements the shades of blue used throughout Chagall’s painting. An acrobat balancing on her trapeze is printed across the topside of the silicone strap. The underside, however, is a transparent matte light blue colour. Like the previous model, and in fact all Swatch x Tate watches, a transparent matte loop printed with the Tate Gallery logo concludes the design.

Colourful, chaotic and creative, this Art Journey 2024 watch is certainly not for those who like to keep it simple.


This model showcases the artwork ‘Women and Bird in the Moonlight’ by Spanish painter and sculptor Joan Miró. Throughout this timepiece, Miró offers us a glimpse into his symbolic visual language; evoking joy at every glance. The watch artfully spreads this iconic image across both the dial and the strap. The dial also features dark blue hour and minute hands as well as white-printed dot indices. Not only do they help tell the time but they also complement the section of the painting that features on the dial. A 41mm transparent matte dark blue biosourced case and biosourced glass frame the dial. Within this, lies the reliable quartz movement which powers the timepiece. Miró’s unique artwork continues onto the topside of the silicone strap, while the underside is a transparent matte dark blue colour.

Simple shapes and colours may have been used throughout this painting, however, the watch itself has great symbolic meaning.


This watch exhibits the artwork ‘The Scarlet Sunset’ by English Romantic landscape painter, JMW Turner. A mastery of light and colour, the sunset dial is adorned with silver-coloured hour and minute hands. For optimal readability, the hands feature a luminescent effect. In addition, the sun on the dial subtly shifts hues daily thanks to the multi-coloured calendar wheel. To complement Turner’s beautiful portrayal of a sunset, a shiny pink biosourced case frames the dial. Measuring 34mm in diameter, it is the smallest model from the Art Journey 2024 collection. Although the watch is smaller when compared to its familiar models, it is still suited to both men and women. Turner’s pretty painting extends over the case and onto the topside of the silicone strap, and to ensure the attention remains on said painting, the underside of the strap is a transparent matte pink colour.

Perfect for everyday wear, embrace the stunning shades of a sunset with this JMW Turner-inspired timepiece.

What do you think of the all-new Swatch Art Journey watches? Do you prefer the 2024 launch to the 2023 one? Let us know in the comments!

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