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All-New Polar Grit X2 Pro Watches

Following on from the success of the Grit X Pro, Polar has launched all-new Grit X2 Pro watches! Rough, rugged and military-graded, they are an essential piece of gear for those performing in challenging conditions. Packed to the brim with fantastic features, the new watches are sure to be a hit with fans of the brand. This impressive launch consists of two stainless steel models and one titanium model. So there is something to suit a variety of tastes. If you’re in the market for a new smartwatch, keep reading to discover more about the Polar Grit X2 Pro watches.

Impressive Features of the Grit X2 Pro

Polar Grit X2 Pro has all of the same features as the original Polar models. However, there are some impressive additions which improve the watch’s overall functionality. With 15% extra visibility, and more room to rearrange widgets, the 1.39″ AMOLED touchscreen shows every details sharper and brighter than ever before. Talking of brightness, the display is so bright that it doubles up as a flashlight at the touch of a button. For better and more accurate position in challenging environments, dual-frequency GPS supports multiple satellite frequencies. In addition, a signal-boosting antenna under the bezel optimises its performance. Thanks to the high-detail, full-colour topographic maps, the world is your oyster. You can choose the way you want to explore and know your watch is there to guide you if you get lost.

If you’re a keen hiker or trekker, there are a range of features that can aid you on your adventures. The watches are all equipped with Track Back, so you can navigate back to your starting point via the route you came on. Moreover, Hill Splitter™ automatically detects all uphills and downhills by using your GPS-based speed, distance and barometric altitude data. It also shows you detailed insights into your performance; such as the distance you have travelled and the speed you covered it.

Polar watches promote active lifestyles, so it’s no surprise that Grit X2 Pro comes with 24/7 activity tracking. Relaxing your body and calming your mind is also an essential part of good health and well-being. Aware of this, Polar has used Elixir™ sensor fusion technology in each of these watches. Together, with science-backed algorithms, Elixir™ reveals unique insights into sleep performance, wellness and sports performance.

The New Models

The new Polar Grit X2 Pro watches are available in three colour options: night black (900110283), stone grey (900110287) and titan (900110288). The night black and stone grey models feature a stainless steel case and bezel, while the Titan model features an aerospace titanium case and bezel. All three watches have a high-resolution AMOLED touchscreen display which provides great clarity. A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects the display, and to ensure optimal durability, the watches are military tested. To guarantee comfort, the night black and stone grey models feature a black silicone strap. The Titan model is finished with a brown leather strap, however, it comes with a black silicone strap as well. If you ever feel like switching up your strap, with the Titan model that option is there.

As part of this launch, Polar has also released a version of the black watch with a H10 band (900110286). The H10 band is a great pairing for the Grit X2 Pro as it helps monitor your heart rate with maximum precision.

Even with the bright AMOLED display, you can still enjoy impressive battery life. Each model’s battery will last up to 43 hours in performance training mode and 10 days in smartwatch mode. Moreover, each watch has up to 100 metres of water resistance. So even if you wear it on a hike and encounter rain, you can be assured that the watch will remain fully functional.

At its core, the Polar Grit X2 Pro is a premium performance watch. Born for sports but built for more, it is the perfect tool for any active individual.

What did you think of the all-new Polar Grit X2 Pro watches? Will you be adding one to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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