Ultimate Guide to Casio Watches

When you are buying a quality watch you want something that is built to last. Casio can give you this peace of mind. The Japanese watch brand produces a number of stylish and functional timepieces; so you can guarantee the perfect Casio for you is out there. Casio make great use of the expertise available to them, and as a result, produce reliable watches at a wide range of price points. With a large variety of wristwatches under the Casio name, you may be wondering which one to purchase. As a result, we have created the ultimate guide to Casio watches where we break down the different collections and recommended a model from each. Keep reading to find out more!

A Brief History of Casio

Founded by Tadao Kashio, the story of Casio began in April 1946. In the early days, Casio manufactured a varied range of products; their biggest accomplishment being the Yubiwa pipe which allowed the wearer to smoke while keeping their hands free. Casio became involved in electronics in 1954 when they released Japan’s first electro-mechanical calculator. Following on from this success, Casio released the world’s first all electronic calculators, the Model 14-A calculators, in 1957.

During the ‘Quartz Revolution’ in the 1970s, Casio expanded and became one of the first brands to create quartz watches. They released their first digital wristwatch, the Casiotron, in 1974. Solidifying the brand as an innovator in horological society, it was the first wristwatch in the world to include an automatic calendar function. Since then, Casio has achieved great success with their wide range of watches. Many collectors have praised the consistency of Casio and the quality of their products.

Our Ultimate Guide to Casio Watches

G-Shock Watches

Since their introduction in 1983, G-Shock watches have been a mainstay in the watch industry. Born from a dream of “creating a watch that never breaks”, Casio G-Shock watches are the toughest of all time. Not only are they distinctive in design but they can resist centrifugal and impact forces, as well as high water pressure. Several different categories fall underneath the G-Shock umbrella; some of the most notable being G-Squad, Baby-G and Carbon Core Guard. No matter your style or interest, the wide array of choices means there is a perfect G-Shock for everyone.

Our G-Shock Pick: Casio G-Shock Illumination City Limited Edition (51mm) Black Dial / Black Resin Strap MTG-B2000YR-1AER

Inspired by the bright lights of the big city, this limited G-Shock features a multi-layered carbon case frame that measures 51mm in diameter. The black dial is adorned with rainbow indices and hands, and for optimal readability, the hands are coated with Neobrite. The bezel, in rainbow ion-plated stainless steel, is etched in patterns evoking an urban landscape. To showcase the watch’s great durability levels, the dial is protected by strong sapphire crystal glass. Not only does this glass provide high clarity but it also provides the highest levels of scratch resistance. A comfortable black resin strap secures the watch to the wrist.

More than what meets the eye, this watch also delivers full-on functionality. A patented hollow core guard structure protects against impact and vibration; a key feature of all G-Shock watches. Amongst the many features of this watch are hand shift functions, a date and weekday display, a countdown timer function, dual time and many more. In addition, if you download the Casio Watches app, you can pair your watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth. With solar-charging capabilities and a water resistance of up to 200 metres, this watch takes durability and stylish sophistication to new heights.

Vintage Watches

Casio’s Vintage watches are a timeless design and classic fashion icon in one. Their unisex nature make the vintage wristwatches suitable for both men and women. From analogue to digital to dual, the Vintage collection supports a wide range of styles. Through a retro-inspired case, each vintage watch pays homage to original Casio models. If you’re searching for a watch that is fun, playful and practical, look no further than Casio’s vintage collection.

Our Vintage Pick: Casio Vintage Calculator Black / Stainless Steel Bracelet CA-500WE-1AEF

A favourite since its 1980s debut, the Casio calculator watch features an oblong case and stainless steel band for pure retro style. The unique display combines a full keypad with an LCD, and it is protected by an acrylic crystal. In addition, the subtle accent colours on the operator symbols provide a streamlined look.

While the 8-digit calculator is undoubtedly the most impressive function, this watch also comes with a range of others. Amongst these are a daily alarm, an auto calendar, a stopwatch function and a second time zone. Alongside this, the watch’s digital time display can be configured to either 12-hour or 24-hour format. Like the original calculator model, a quartz movement powers this watch. Boasting convenience on the wrist, this Casio vintage watch is a perfect choice for those who like fun yet functional timepieces.

Edifice Watches

Casio’s Edifice watches pair cutting-edge technology with dynamic design. The watches offer advanced features such as chronographs and world time zones, making them perfect for frequent travelers or anyone wanting to keep precise time. However, what makes these watches stand out is that they utilise Tough Solar, Casio’s brand name for solar-powered batteries. As well as this, they have Bluetooth capabilities ensuring that the watch has a blend of innovation and stylish design.

Our Edifice Pick: Casio Edifice | Blue Dial | Stainless Steel Bracelet ECB-950DB – 2AEF

Made to project speed and intelligence, this Edifice model features an octagonal stainless steel case and bezel. To give the watch its distinctive appearance, the blue dial features three sub-dials with different complications. Easy-to-read Neobrite hands and an LCD allows the wearer to clearly view all the information that appears on their watch. In addition, a toughened mineral glass protects the dial, so it can withstand most scratches. Completing the design of the watch is a stainless steel bracelet. Its one touch, three fold clasp provides great security on the wrist.

More than just an eye-catcher, this watch delivers impressive functionality. For precise timekeeping wherever you go, you can sync your smartphone via Bluetooth. The Casio Connected App allows you to select from 300 world-time cities as well as help you locate your phone. The large inset dial at the 4 o’clock position boasts a speed indicator that displays average speeds when timing laps for set distances. Alongside this, when in stopwatch mode, a tachymeter can help measure speed over a known distance. Other functions on the watch include alarms, a countdown timer, a weekday and date display and an LED backlight. With solar-charging capabilities and a water-resistance of 100 metres, this watch is perfect for any individual who wants a stylish yet functional timepiece on their wrist.

Core Watches

Complemented by its stylistic and practical design, Casio’s Core collection has a diverse range of watches that are tailored to all styles and tastes. No matter if you want an analogue, digital or dual display, there is a watch out there that suits your timekeeping needs. While this collection is the most simple, it still captures the true essence of Casio; a brand that creates affordable and long-wearing watches.

Our Core Collection Pick: Casio Analogue Quartz Stainless Steel Green Dial MTP-1302PD-3AVEF

This Classic Casio showcases a deep green dial with silver-tone baton indices and hands. For optimal readability, the hour and minute hands are coated with Neobrite. At the 3 o’clock position, there is a window which displays the current date. Adding to the watch’s distinct appearance, a textured bezel and 44mm stainless steel case frame the dial. Toughened mineral crystal protects the dial, so you can wear this watch daily and not worry too much about it getting scratched. Completing the design of this sleek timepiece is a three-link stainless steel bracelet. To ensure great security, it fastens with a fold-over clasp.

With its reliable quartz movement, this watch guarantees accurate timekeeping, allowing you to stay punctual wherever you go. In addition, the watch is water resistant up to 50 metres, so can be worn day in and out and be the finishing touch to any stylish outfit.

No matter what style of watch you’re searching for, if you want one that’s affordable and long-wearing, look no further than a Casio!

What did you think of our ultimate guide to Casio watches? Which collection is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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