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Thomas Sabo Charms: Why Buy Them?

Thomas Sabo is one of the leading global brands that designs, sells, and distributes their jewellery and watches. In 2006, the brand launched its Charm Club; and it was an overwhelming success. The ultra-detailed charms proved popular among many as they were a great way to showcase your unique style. Thanks to a revival of retro trends, charm bracelets are coming back into fashion. Many well-known jewellery brands now have charm collections, so you may be asking yourself which is the best to buy from. Today we will show you why Thomas Sabo charms are the best choice, as well as showcase our favourite pieces from the Charm Club.

Why Buy Thomas Sabo Charms?

There is a wide selection to choose from

The beautiful designs and impressive variety of charms mean there is something for everyone. The charms can range from bright animals which reflect happiness and optimism, to symbolic shapes which represent your personal life. As well as this, Thomas Sabo continues to regularly add new items to the charm club. You can guarantee that there is a charm that reflects your interests, and if not, that one will be released in the near future.

Thomas Sabo Yellow Gold Plated With White Cold Enamel Horse Shoe Charm 2018-427-14

This charm is made of high-quality sterling silver with a high-carat 18k yellow-gold plating. The horseshoe symbol stands out as a common symbol of luck and protection, so this charm is a fantastic choice for someone who follows superstition. Spiritual meanings aside, this charm is also fantastic for an equestrian; they will always be reminded of their passion when they look at their wrist.

Thomas Sabo Feather Sterling Silver Charm 1559-637-21

More often than not, charms are viewed as feminine pieces of jewellery, To prove this wrong, Thomas Sabo releases charms that are specifically suited ‘for him’; this rebel feather is one of those. Representing strength and growth, this charm showcases the impressive variety that the brand offers.

They are a great way to collect your memories

Whether you’ve just come back from an amazing holiday, or something monumental has occurred in your life, a charm is a great way to remember it. Buying a charm after these events will make your bracelet or necklace more personalised. It will tell a story and you will be constantly reminded of those core memories when wearing it.

Thomas Sabo Holiday Charm Pendant | Sterling Silver | Multicoloured Enamel 1929-340-7

Three-dimensional sunglasses, flip-flops and a popsicle on a stick add to this charm’s vibrant design. They are painted by hand with cold enamel in turquoise, rose, pink and orange and refined with a colourful stone setting. You will always think of your fun in the sun when looking at this charm; it is a perfect way to keep those holiday memories alive.

Thomas Sabo | Baby Footprint Charm | 925 Sterling Silver | Zirconia | 1692-051-14

This vintage-inspired charm is a great way to store the memory of the birth of your child. The sparkling baby footprints symbolise the first steps in a new life; a core memory for any parent. The charm is incredibly sentimental, and in years to come will be a beautiful way to remind yourself of your child’s early stages of life.

They make thoughtful gifts

Thomas Sabo charms are excellent gift ideas for your loved ones as there are charms for every occasion. If your loved one is new to the world of charms you can buy them a bracelet instead. Based on this starting piece, they can create their own collection and you can gift them charms whenever they have a special celebration.

Thomas Sabo Women’s Mortarboard Pendant Graduation Cap Sterling Silver 0463-007-11

This charm is in the shape of a mortarboard graduation cap and is detailed using black enamel. A delicate silver chain is used for the tassel and it is situated on the left-hand side of the cap; showcasing that the graduate has obtained their degree. It is the perfect gift for any loved one who has an upcoming ceremony and will remind them that all of their hard work has paid off.

Thomas Sabo 50 Charm White 925 Sterling Silver / Freshwater Pearl / Zirconia 1241-167-14

A milestone birthday should be celebrated in style, so this dazzling charm is a great gift to give. The charm is in the shape of the number 50 and is set with zirconia for a sparkly look. A gorgeous freshwater pearl hangs from the charm which emphasises its elegant appearance. It is the perfect gift for anyone celebrating their 50th birthday.

They are made with the highest quality materials

Thomas Sabo Charms are made from the highest quality materials, guaranteeing that they will last for a long time. The silver charms are made of 925 sterling silver and are manufactured with many details. In addition to this, some are plated with 18k yellow gold or rose gold. If your charm has sparkling zirconia or gemstones on it, they have all been set by hand.

Thomas Sabo Toucan Bird Charm | Sterling Silver | Crystal Set 1727-691-7

This toucan charm is made from 925 sterling silver. This high-quality material is both durable and beautiful to wear, so it is no wonder the majority of Thomas Sabo charms are made from this. The eye-catching beak of the toucan has been hand-decorated with yellow, blue and orange gemstones to create a beautifully tropical appearance. When the stones reflect the light, they will sparkle and produce a colourful hue.

Thomas Sabo Red Cocktail Glass Charm | Gold Plated Sterling Silver | Enamel and Crystal 1931-565-9

This charm takes inspiration from a margarita cocktail glass. It is made from high-quality 925 Sterling silver and refined with an 18k yellow gold plating. It is painted by hand with cold enamel in pink and yellow and enhanced with white, hand-set stones and silver dots. Adorning the glass, and acting as a garnish, is a stylised lemon. The charm truly captures the essence of a classic cocktail, and its high-quality materials create an air of sophistication.

What did you think of our reasons as to why you should buy Thomas Sabo charms? Will you be adding any to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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