The Ultimate Guide to Seiko Watches

No matter what you want from a watch, Seiko has it covered! Their affordable yet functional timepieces suit a variety of tastes; you can guarantee that the perfect Seiko for you is out there. The Japanese watch brand sports a wide variety of collections so there may be some confusion as to which you should purchase your watch from. Today, we will break down those collections and recommend a piece from each. Keep reading for our ultimate guide to Seiko watches.

A Brief History of Seiko

The story of Seiko began in 1881 when Kintaro Hattori opened a shop selling and repairing watches and clocks in central Tokyo. Eleven years later, in 1892, he established the ‘Seikosha Factory’ where he produced his first clocks. These marked the beginnings of a company that was to become one of the world’s most recognised manufacturers of watches. Throughout the 1890s, the success of Seikosha’s wall clock business increased, and Hattori looked to broaden the range of his business. In 1985 he created a pocket watch, ‘The Timekeeper’, and in 1913 he created Japan’s first ever wristwatch, ‘The Laurel’.

In 1923, the Great Kanto Earthquake struck and the company’s headquarters, as well as the Seikosha factory, burned down. A fresh start had to be made; hence the change of the brand’s name from Seikosha to Seiko. Seiko went on to create the first self-winding wristwatch made in Japan, as well as the world’s first quartz watch and chronometer. During the next several years, Seiko introduced many firsts to the world of watches. This greatly helped them to become a brand now known for their precision and accuracy, innovation and refinement.

Today, Seiko still remains one of the most well-known watch brands in the horological world. Their timepieces are known for their dependability, sturdiness, and fine craftsmanship; they are a popular choice among watch enthusiasts and everyday users alike.

Our Ultimate Guide to Seiko Watches

Prospex Watches

Seiko Prospex watches are designed for sports lovers and adventure seekers in the water, in the sky or on land. Since launching Japan’s first diver’s watch in 1965, Seiko’s innovative technology has changed global standards. Prospex is a combination of the words ‘Professional’ and ‘Specification’. Therefore, the watches in this collection are designed to be practical, reliable and durable within extreme or everyday environments. No matter what adventure you go on, a Prospex watch should be on your wrist.

Seiko Prospex ‘Marine Green’ Automatic Traveller GMT Stainless Steel Bracelet SPB381J1

The success of the 1968 model laid the foundation for Seiko Diver’s watch development, which for sixty years, has innovated in wearable, precise watches for both professional and recreational divers. The marine green dial of this watch is adorned with baton and dot indices. They are coated with LumiBrite, so no matter how deep or dark the dive gets, the time can still be read. Adding to the watch’s already great levels of durability is a sapphire crystal glass that protects the dial. Due to the strength of sapphire glass, if you knock your watch you can rest assured that it won’t scratch, or even worse, shatter. In order to meet the high standards required in extreme environments, Seiko has used high-quality materials in this model’s design. This is evident through the stainless steel case and ceramic bezel.

With a three-day power reserve and a water resistance of up to 200 metres, this Prospex model should definitely join you wherever your next adventure takes you.

Presage Watches

Seiko Presage watches combine traditional craftsmanship and mechanical watchmaking skills. The result is a collection that offers Japanese beauty, quality and long-lasting performance. This collection is further split into four sub-categories. The Sharp Edged series features dial patterns inspired by the artistic design of hemp; the Cocktail Time series is inspired by Japanese cocktail culture and specific drinks; the Style 60s collection is inspired by the design of Japan’s first-ever chronograph in 1964; and the Craftsmanship collection which is inspired by traditional Japanese techniques.

Seiko Presage Cocktail Time ‘Clover Club’ Diamond Twist SRE009J1

Seiko watches are typically catered towards men. However, the Presage Cocktail Time collection uses elegant colours and designs to complement the petite wrists of many women. This compact design is inspired by the Japanese cocktail culture in Tokyo’s sophisticated Ginza area and takes its name from the raspberry flavour found in the ‘Clover Club’ cocktail. Featuring rose gold hands and 8 diamond-set indices, this watch is designed to reflect the light. The accompanying five-row bracelet is a new design; not only does it provide comfort, but it also enhances the sparkle on the dial. The movement of this model is automatic calibre 2R05 with an up to 41 hours power reserve. It provides great reliability, so you can guarantee that this Presage Cocktail Time watch will never let you down.

This minimalistic watch design has a distinctly Japanese aesthetic. It is the perfect choice for those ladies who appreciate the finer things in life, as well as a cocktail or two.

5 Sport Watches

The Seiko 5 Sport is one of the brand’s most beloved models and a consistent bestseller. The watches in this collection stand out due to their unique style and quality craftsmanship. The Seiko 5 Sport is well-loved by many due to its reliability, durability and high level of performance. The attractive price point, as well as the variety of designs, makes them a fantastic starting piece for any inspiring watch collector or sportsperson alike.

Seiko 5 Sport | Sense | Automatic | Green Dial | Green NATO SRPD77K1

The mechanism within this watch is a 4R36 automatic movement. It is built in-house and the calibre is comprised of 24 jewels and a 41-hour power reserve. This model has a green textured dial and it is easy to read thanks to luminous dot indices and hands. The dial is protected by a Hardlex crystal which adds to the watch’s already great levels of durability. This is further enhanced through the case and strap of the model. This watch also has a unidirectional green bezel; its safe operation prevents accidental rotation.

For ultimate security on the wrist, the watch features a green NATO strap. It is made of woven Nylon and is extremely rugged. Due to the properties of Nylon, the strap won’t cut or break easily. This makes it the perfect choice for a sports watch. Unlike many automatic watches, this model comes with a seconds stop function. This allows the wearer to completely halt the movement within the watch.

Astron GPS Watches

Seiko Astron GPS watches are the world’s first GPS solar watch. They are powered by light and automatically adjust to your time zone using the latest GPS technology. The exceptional accuracy of Astron GPS watches makes them the ultimate choice for any individual who likes to travel. As well as this, they are an ideal choice for those who care about the environment. The battery never needs changing, so it is one of Seiko’s more sustainable timepieces.

Seiko Astron GPS Solar ‘Sapphire Blue’ Crystal Box SSJ013J1

This watch is named for its sapphire blue ‘crystal box’ pressed dial pattern. It is inspired by the legacy of the original Seiko Astron and its association with Quartz crystals. The name also refers to the unique box-shaped sapphire crystal glass which can be found on several Seiko designs. This scratch-resistant raised glass provides great clarity and it sits slightly proud from the polygonal bezel. The hands and indices of this Astron GPS have been coated with LumiBrite. They allow for optimal readability, even in low-light conditions. Securing the watch to the wrist is a lightweight titanium bracelet. This bracelet tapers neatly towards the clasp, which reinforces the watch’s harmonious and graceful look. A 3X62 solar-powered in-house built movement powers this Seiko Astron. It is extremely accurate thanks to its added GPS functionality.

There are a variety of functions on this watch that greatly benefit the wearer; for example, an overcharge prevention function and a GPS signal reception. Therefore, the Seiko Astron is perfect for anyone who travels regularly and wants a timepiece that can keep up with their changes in location.

Seiko Limited and Special Edition Watches

These watches are typically released to commemorate a specific event, anniversary or collaboration. Whilst there are slight differences between limited and special edition watches, they are both highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. The unique designs of these watches mean that over time, they are almost certain to increase in value. Not only are they fantastic investment pieces, but they are also a great way to showcase your support of Seiko and their team of watchmakers.

Seiko Prospex ‘Tropical Lagoon’ Special Edition Hybrid Diver’s SNJ039P1

This Prospex Diver’s special edition watch exhibits the theme of a ‘tropical lagoon’ and its colourful inhabitants. The watch follows the original Seiko ‘Tuna’ style; named by fans for its case shape resembling a tuna tin on the wrist. The bright emerald green and marine blue colours on the minute hand and the bezel reflect the tropical ocean life that has inspired the design. The vivid green screw-down buttons emphasise this further. LumiBrite covers the hands, indices and bezel of this special edition model. So you can rest assured that even if you are at the depths of the sea floor, you can still make out the time.

Powered by a hybrid solar-automatic H581 calibre and paired with a navy blue reinforced silicone strap, this watch is designed for robust resilience. You could be recreational diving one day, in the office the next and wear this watch for both occasions without it looking out of place.

If you are after a watch that is high-quality, affordable and stylish, then you can’t go wrong with a Seiko.

What did you think of our ultimate guide to Seiko watches? Which collection suits your style the most? Let us know in the comments!

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