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Skagen and Copenhagen Fashion Week

As Copenhagen Fashion Week AW24 concludes, it’s time to reflect upon what we’ve seen on the runways. Many brands and attendees have showcased their unique Scandinavian style and provided us with plenty of upcoming trends to look out for. While this is the sole purpose of Fashion Week, the partners who support the event deserve some recognition too. Skagen, a minimalistic Danish brand, has officially been an ongoing partner of CPHFW since 2021. Their core values and attitude go hand in hand with the fashion event; sustainability is at their core. Through this partnership, Skagen has collaborated with designers from Scandinavia and had conversations about elevating current standards. This shared learning has been applied to collections, with their most recent being a second collaboration with Baum und Pferdgarten. Want to learn more about the partnership between Skagen and Copenhagen Fashion Week? Keep reading.

Skagen and Copenhagen Fashion Week

While Skagen officially partnered with Copenhagen Fashion Week in 2021, their first collaboration came in 2019. Together, with Danish designer Helmstedt, they co-designed a collection which walked the runway in August 2029 and again in February 2020. Since this, the two have formed a unique partnership that places Danish heritage and sustainability at its core. Coinciding with Autumn-Winter Fashion Week 2021, Skagen’s year-long partnership executed collaborations with Scandinavian designers, programs with global ambassadors and authentic conversations surrounding sustainability in fashion. As well as this, the brand released their latest collection of environmentally sustainable watches ‘Aaren Naturals’ after their partnership with CPHFW was made known.

For the 2022 Fashion Week, Skagen invited six fashion and lifestyle influencers to the experience. Not only did they see the launch of the second collection in collaboration with Soulland, but also a teaser of the new collection with Baum und Pferdgarten. The Soulland x Skagen collection included two reimagined designs of one of Skagen’s most iconic watch families, Melbye. While maintaining the hallmark features, these limited edition watches featured a Japanese moonphase movement and specialty etchings. Evidently an impressive collaboration, it paved the way for a second which launched later in 2022. The Spring-Summer Fashion Week saw an exciting limited edition collection with Baum und Pferdgarten. In cooperation with Copenhagen Fashion Week, the duo created a watch and jewellery collection that paid homage to the sustainability promises of both brands. The result was oversized and chunky jewellery as well as watches that stand out in any crowd.

Favoured by fashion editors and influencers globally, Skagen collaborated with Baum und Pferdgarten again to create a collection of limited edition pieces for the CPHFW AW24 edition. Bold in their simplicity, this collection consisted of accessories featuring hearts and imitation pearls, flowery accents for your hair and a statement case watch. With an undeniable air of old-school affluence, it was a great success. In addition, Copenhagen Fashion Week shared this collaboration on their social media channels and invited a group of influencers to celebrate the launch.

Our Favorite Skagen Pieces with Copenhagen Fashion Week

Skagen’s partnership with Copenhagen Fashion Week has produced some beautiful and unique watches. Both their collaborations with Soulland and Baum und Pferdgarten saw great success. We understand that limited edition watches are difficult to get your hands on, so in this section we have rounded up our favorite pieces that come from the same families as the collaborations for Fashion Week; those being Melbye and Hagen. While some of the features may vary, sustainability remains the same. If you appreciate the core values of Skagen and Fashion Week, check these watches out.

Skagen Men’s Melbye Titanium (40mm) Grey Dial / Black Leather Strap SKW6907

If you enjoyed the Soulland x Skagen collaboration, then this watch will also be to your taste. At its centre is a grey dial with a date and weekday aperture at the 3 o’clock position. A mix of baton and Arabic numeral indices as well as silver hands adorn the dial. For an added pop of colour, the minute track and seconds hand are yellow. To ensure readability, even in low light conditions, the hands and indices are coated with luminescent. A strong mineral glass protects the dial, so you can wear this watch daily and not have to worry about scratching it. Framing this is the watch’s titanium case, which measures 40mm and houses a reliable quartz movement. Ensuring comfort and completing the design of the watch is a black leather strap with a single prong strap buckle.

Skagen Women’s Hagen (22mm) Silver Rectangular Dial / Steel Mesh Bracelet SKW3115

Standing out with its minimalist Scandinavian design, Skagen’s Hagen model is the watch used in their second collaboration with Baum und Pferdgarten. While this watch isn’t the exact one from the collaboration, it is still from the same family and has all the same fantastic features. The watch exhibits a rectangular silver dial. For an elegant look, the dial is adorned with twelve crystal indices and silver hour, minute and second hands. A 43mm stainless steel case frames the dial and adds to the watch’s minimalist design. Securing the watch to the wrist is a stainless steel mesh bracelet. Not only does the mesh provide great levels of comfort on the wrist but it also adds to the overall aesthetic of the watch. To ensure reliability, the watch is powered by a quartz movement and has a water resistance that makes it both practical and suitable for daily wear.

Skagen Women’s Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Heart Charm Bracelet SKJ1569710

With a heart charm at its centre, this bracelet showcases great similarities to Skagen’s collaboration with Baum und Perftgarden. Their second collaboration placed a strong focus on hearts and flowers, so this bracelet matches it perfectly. To guarantee the longevity of the bracelet, it is crafted from gold-tone stainless steel. Not only is the stainless steel extremely durable but it also has hypoallergenic properties; Skagen have made sure that anyone can wear this piece of jewellery. The centre of this Anja Pebble bracelet features a gold-tone heart charm, and for a touch of sophistication, exhibits a round brilliant cut crystal at its highest point. The bracelet fastens with an adjustable lobster clasp, so it fits a variety of wrist sizes. As well as this, the adjustable lobster clasp means you can alter the position of the bracelet and stack it with other pieces.

What did you think of this guide on Skagen and Copenhagen Fashion Week? Do you think the two will extend their partnership for another year? Let us know in the comments!

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