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Introducing IKEPOD to First Class Watches

In exciting news, Ikepod is now available to purchase on our website! By introducing Ikepod to First Class Watches, we are welcoming a unique brand that specialises in conceptual timepieces. Ikepod is a Swiss-made watch company that isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. Famous for their unique spaceship case shape, Ikepod watches were among the first to start the wave of large-diameter watches. As well as this, their excellent craftsmanship has helped them to create several trends within the horological world. Ikepod has faced some financial difficulties throughout its journey, but now, with new owners, they are thriving! Although the brand has been refreshed, it remains true to its core Ikepod DNA. Intrigued to see what this unique brand has to offer? Read on as we introduce Ikepod to First Class Watches.

Introducing Ikepod

Introducing Ikepod - 1997 Hemipode

Founded by Oliver Ike and designer Marc Newson in 1994, Ikepod gets its name from the fusion of Oliver’s last name and Newson’s first watch; the Pod. It is also a nod to Newson’s fixation with ‘pod’ and ‘capsule’ type designs. These designs dominate most of his work and are reflected in many of the product names from Ikepod.

Ikepod had an innovative start in the horological industry and over the next decade, was at the forefront of several trends; the most influential being increasing watch dial size. In 1997 the Ikepod masterpiece, Hemipode, was created. Hemipode was a watch with a 70s design and an innovative ‘lugless’ case concept for attaching the bracelet.

As time went by, Ikepod developed around the world and found a home in the haute horology segment. Many of the best boutiques and concept stores in the world started to stock Ikepod and the brand was at an all time high! This great success inspired Ikepod to become its own independent manufacturer and in 2006 a factory was inaugurated in Bassecourt, Switzerland. While the thought and determination were there, unfortunately, Ikepod couldn’t pull through. After navigating the financial difficulties that came with the new millennium, Ikepod collapsed into bankruptcy. Ikepod was relaunched in 2008 as a more exclusive brand, but despite its previous success, the company’s activity was put on hold. Ikepod had become frozen in time and needed a new, dynamic team to revive them.

The Revival of Ikepod

Introducing Ikepod - Christian-Louis Col

In April 2017, Christian-Louis Col bought Ikepod and its designs. A fan of the brand since its conception, he had a mission to successfully revive Ikepod. Col decided to make the brand affordable for all who had admired it and desired it as well as introduce it to those who had not heard of it. He joined forces with legendary watch designer Emmanuel Gueit and asked him to create dials for both the Chronopod and Dupod collections. The iconic Ikepod look was still present, but it had now been fused with a modern watchmaking design. To help get Ikepod back to being a successful watch company, it was relaunched on Kickstarter in 2018. With very good professional press reviews and more than 700 buyers, it entered the small club of Kickstarter success and under Col’s leadership, Ikepod had successfully been revived.

The vintage appeal of historic Ikepod models has remained, but now they come with all the necessary upgrades that make them attractive to luxury watch connoisseurs. As part of the revival, the location where Ikepod watches are produced has also been changed. The watches are now produced in Hong Kong and feature Japanese Miyota movements to make them more affordable.

Our Ikepod Recommendations

Ikepod watches are instantly recognisable due to their spaceship-style case and lugless design. While they all follow this concept, the watches fall under separate collections with unique features; those being Seapod, Chronopod, Duopod and Megapod. No matter your style or preferences, this variety ensures there is a perfect Ikepod for all!

Seapod Collection

Designed by Fabrice Gonet, the Seapod Collection is a perfect design mix of the brand’s Hemipode and Seaslug models. By keeping the best of the past and mixing it with the inimitable style of the UFO launched in 1997, Seapod watches combine all the future markers of the brand’s style. 

Our Seapod Pick: IKEPOD SEAPOD Jacques Automatic S002 (46mm) Black Dial / Blue Silicone Strap S002-SI-LN

Named after the famous French free diver Jacques Mayol, this Seapod model features a pure black dial with blue accents. For optimal readability underwater, the hands, indices and dot at the 12 o’clock position on the bezel are all coated with LumiNova. The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal and a spaceship-style stainless steel case houses a reliable Miyota 9039 automatic movement. While the case measures 46mm in diameter, Ikepod says it feels more like 42mm due to its lugless design. Providing great safety whilst underwater, this Seapod features a unidirectional rotating bezel. The watch is finished with a unique blue silicone strap. To ensure great comfort and security, it fastens with an ardillon buckle. With a 42-hour power reserve and an impressive water resistance of 200 metres, this Seapod deserves to be on the wrist of any diving enthusiast.

Chronopod Collection

The Chronopod Collection draws inspiration straight from the Hemipode line from the 1990s. Although the dial design is quite traditional, the original Ikepod spirit still inhabits the entire timepiece. 

Our Chronopod Pick: IKEPOD CHRONOPOD Black Beauty 004 (44mm) Black Dial / Black Silicone Strap C004-SI-LB

With a name relating to a Western song, this Black Beauty model was a variant of the Kickstarter bestseller. The black dot-textured dial, designed by Emmanuel Gueit, is adorned with orange dot indices and white hands with a black outline. As well as this, Arabic numeral indices are placed on the inner ring to help indicate the time. Providing a subtle pop of colour, the two chronograph pushers feature an orange lacquer effect. Thanks to its lugless case design, the 44mm watch feels both lighter and smaller on the wrist. In addition, its futuristic form remains true to the core DNA of Ikepod. The watch is powered by a famously reliable Japanese Miyota quartz movement that is housed in a 316L stainless steel case. Seamlessly tying the watch’s design together, it is finished with a black silicone strap.

Duopod Collection

Bringing us back to the essentials and origins of Ikepod, Duopod watches are a direct descendant of the brand’s Horizon collection. While the case size has increased, the iconic design remains the same. 

Our Duopod Pick: IKEPOD DUOPOD White Lines 016 (42mm) White Dial / Black Silicone D016-SI-LB

If you prefer a watch with a pure and soft design, then this White Lines Duopod is the perfect Ikepod for you. Keeping it simple, the white dial is adorned with gunmetal grey baton indices and orange outlined hands which have the Ikepod original touch. In addition, the hands are coated with Super-LumiNova and anti-reflective sapphire glass protects the dial. Duopod watches are a direct descendant of the Horizon collection, so this model features the iconic Hemipode “2008” logo on its crown. Housed within the 42mm stainless steel case, the watch is equipped with a Japanese Miyota quartz movement. For great wearing comfort, the watch features a domed case back and it is finished with a black silicone strap. Although this model has more of an elegant design, it still takes us back to the essentials of Ikepod; the first conceptual watch.

Megapod Collection

The Megapod Collection consists of clever reinterpretations of the original 1997 Megapodes. With a great variation of dials designed by Alexandre Peraldi, these new models welcome us to modern watchmaking. 

Our Megapod Pick: IKEPOD MEGAPOD Klara M301 (46mm) Grey Dial / Black Silicone Strap M005-SI-LB-dots

Dare to be different and wear this Klara Megapod on your wrist. The trendy two-layer grey dial, designed by Alexandre Peraldi, is adorned with Arabic numerals and white hour and minute hands with an orange outline. The second hand is a solid orange. Appearing to have a floating effect, the Ikepod logo is engraved under the sapphire glass. Housing this unique design is a 46mm stainless steel case. Within it is a Miyota 9039 automatic movement that has a 42-hour power reserve. The Megapod features a screw-down exhibition case back, so the wearer can observe and enjoy the movement through the glass window. A black silicone strap completes the design of this Klara watch. With a bold design sure to be a hit with younger generations, this Megapod welcomes us to modern watchmaking.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these bold and unique watches, click here to browse the full selection on our website.

What did you think of our post introducing Ikepod to First Class Watches? Is this a brand you can see yourself becoming a fan of? Let us know in the comments!

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