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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Nomination

For a day that is dedicated to love, choosing a unique and thoughtful gift for your partner is a must. Nomination charms are fantastic options; not only are they pretty to look at but they show your significant other how much you truly love them. Whether you buy a bracelet and charm to kick start their collection, or the final piece to complete their wrist, they will appreciate the effort you have gone through to choose the gift. A small but precious thought, these charms are an excellent way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Nomination.

Our Favourite Pieces that Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Nomination

Nomination Composable WEDDING DAY Bracelet (3 links + Stainless Steel Base Bracelet) WEDDING-NOM

This base bracelet is a great gift for those who are new to the world of Nomination jewellery. Three beautiful charms come attached to this stainless steel bracelet; they set the scene and inspire future additions. While the theme surrounds a wedding day, the charms provide subtle links to Valentine’s Day. The first charm is two interlocking rings, the second is the phrase ‘you and me – our story’, and the third is the words ‘soul’ and ‘mate’ in two hearts. As a whole, this bracelet symbolises unconditional love. Hence is a perfect gift to give this Valentine’s Day.

Nomination Composable Classic PLATES Steel Enamel and 18k Gold My Forever 030284/26

A simple way to showcase the commitment you have for your partner, this charm features an engraving of ‘My Forever’ at its centre. Next to it, is a classic red heart that is crafted from enamel. To contrast the stainless steel link, the phrase is engraved on a bonded yellow-gold backdrop. The high-quality materials used to make this charm mean it will last forever; just like the love you have for your partner. So, if you’re looking for a subtle way to show how much you love your significant other, this charm could be the one to gift for Valentine’s Day.

Nomination COMPOSABLE Classic NATURE In Stainless Steel With Enamel and 18k Bonded Gold Red Rose 030214/01

When you think of Valentine’s Day, one of the first things that comes to mind is beautiful roses. While they remain pretty for a few days, they slowly start to disintegrate. So instead of gifting your partner a bouquet, get them this Nomination charm that has both more longevity and meaning. For a clean and classic look, the link is crafted from stainless steel and the rose from bonded yellow-gold and enamel. Red and green enamel showcases the rose it in its most lively form. Durable materials have been used in this model, offering a nice contrast to the fragility that comes alongside wilting roses. Associated with beauty, this red roses charm is the perfect way to say ‘I Love You’ this Valentine’s Day.

Nomination COMPOSABLE LINK Rose Gold Padlock Hearts 430104/39

Symbolising an unbreakable love, this charm exhibits two interlocking padlock hearts at its centre. To contrast the stainless steel link and provide an elegant look, they are made from 9k rose gold. Padlocks are often recognised as tokens of affection and passion, so this charm will remind its wearer of the love shared between themselves and their partner. If you have found someone you want to spend your life with, gift them this charm and celebrate Valentine’s Day with Nomination.

Nomination Composable Classic ALPHATBET Stainless Steel Cub. Zirc And 925 Silver J 330301/10

To showcase the high-quality materials used in this charm, it is crafted from stainless steel and sterling silver. Their durable nature means this charm has great longevity; it will last for this Valentine’s Day and many more to come. To add a touch of glamour, the letter ‘J’ is set with three sparkling cubic zirconia gemstones. Jewellery that features your partner’s initials can be a sweet and sentimental gift. So why not surprise your significant other this Valentine’s Day and add your initials to their bracelet.

Until 14th February, all Nomination composable charms are 3 for 2; choose 3 decorated links and get the cheapest for free! If this promotion is appealing to you, click here to browse the selection of Nomination charms on our website.

Are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Nomination? Did any of our recommendations capture your interest? Let us know in the comments!

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