5 Reasons to Propose to Him this Leap Year

The world is constantly changing, and so is people’s outlook on proposals. In recent years, more women have been popping the big question to their partner. Whether this is to boost self-confidence or because they just want to, it’s very refreshing to see. 2024 is a leap year, and the tradition that comes alongside this day is that women propose to men. While women can propose on any day of the year, many like to take advantage of this tradition as a way to in fact break tradition. There are also other reasons to propose to him this leap year, so keep reading to discover what they are.

History of the Leap Year Proposal

Dating back to 5th Century Ireland, this tradition stems from St Brigid of Kildare complaining to St Patrick that maidens had to wait too long for their suitors to ask for their hand. The result was St Patrick’s decreeing that on the extra day of a leap year women could propose to men.

Irish monks then took this over to Scotland and in 1288, Queen Margaret passed a law allowing women to propose to their partner. Any man who declined the proposal on this day would have to pay a fine of either a silk gown or a kiss. Queen Margaret also included a rule stating that the woman who was proposing must wear a red petticoat. However as the tradition evolved and spread throughout Western Europe, women could wear breeches instead of the red petticoat. Money or 12 pairs of gloves could also be given to soften the blow of the rejection; the gloves were though to hide the shame of not wearing a ring.

5 Reasons to Propose to Him this Leap Year

1. Break tradition with another tradition

As a way to take control of a situation and be proactive, men typically propose to their partners. This goes hand in hand with the idea of women waiting for their man to propose because they need someone who could provide for them. Although in recent years, this has been pushed aside and women have started to ask their partner they big question. Of course women can propose whenever they want. However, proposing on a leap year is a great way to break tradition with another tradition. The world has come a long way since the 5th Century, so make St Brigid proud and follow in her footsteps.

2. You can choose your own engagement ring

No fake smiles here as proposing to him this leap year means you can choose your engagement ring. With you taking control, the worry of your partner picking the wrong size or stone-shape is no more. Your dream engagement ring is in your reach and waiting for you to purchase. In addition to this, choosing your own ring may make the experience more special. Your partner is spending money on it, so he can rest assured that you absolutely adore it when he sees your cheesy grin.

3. It takes the pressure off him

While some men won’t admit it, the thought of proposing is worrying for them. It’s such an important moment that they don’t want to get wrong, so if you take this responsibility it takes the pressure off him. When you ask the question of course he’ll still be nervous, but this time in an exciting way. He can enjoy the moment and take everything in without worrying if he got his speech right or put the ring on the wrong finger.

4. It can strengthen your relationship

When a woman proposes to a man, it can strengthen the partnership and reinforce a sense of mutual respect. Reaffirming their commitment and dedication to the relationship will ultimately help them share a deeper bond. As well as this, a sense of equality is achieved which leads to a more harmonised partnership. You can both feel at ease knowing you have each other in your support system.

5. Life’s too short

It’s time to stop walking past jewellery shops making hints and instead take action. More often than not he won’t even realise you making hints. So if you want to get married sooner rather than later, start thinking about asking him the question instead. You may worry about what his response will be, but you’ll never know unless you ask. You’ve got the confidence, so pop the question and if he says yes, you know he’s the one for you!

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What did you think of our 5 reasons to propose to him this leap year? Will you be popping the question on February 29th? Let us know in the comments!

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