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Tanzanite Jewellery for December Birthdays

Tanzanite Jewellery for December Birthdays

We know the pre-Christmas rush is all-consuming, but don’t forget about those with December birthdays! Although it can be tricky given that their birthdays are so close to Christmas, there is no shortage of beautiful gifts out there to spoil them rotten in such a special month. One way you can do this is through jewellery. And what more fitting jewellery is there for a December birthday than a piece of jewellery that incorporates the December birthstone? Today, we round up some of our favourite tanzanite jewellery for December birthdays.

What is Tanzanite?

Those with December birthdays are lucky enough to have the beautiful blue tanzanite as their birthstone. But what exactly is it?

Tanzanite belongs to the epidote mineral group and boasts a characteristic violet-blue hue. Impressively, depending on the light and angle of the stone, this hue can fluctuate between burgundy, purple and blue due to the stone’s trichroic properties. Moreover, tanzanite is actually a fairly recently discovered gemstone, with the first official record of its unearthing dating back to just 1967.

Tanzanite is very ideal choice for jewellery. Not only is tanzanite rarer the jewellery, but it also makes a great and less expensive alternative to sapphire. Moreover, as the month’s birthstone, tanzanite also can add a personal touch to any December birthday present.

Our Favourite Tanzanite Jewellery for December Birthdays

Pre-owned Tanzanite & Diamond Three Stone Platinum Trilogy Ring J97765

Tanzanite Jewellery for December Birthdays

If you’re looking to go all out with your gift, this pre-owned ring is the perfect heirloom-worthy pick.

At the heart of the design is a trio cluster of beautiful gemstones. Taking centre stage is the mystical blue oval-cut tanzanite crystal. The stone’s super-pigmented, almost indigo glow is unmissable on the hand and is complementary to any complexion. On either side of it is a round white diamond, which beautifully balances out the design. To top off the design, the trio sit on a high-quality platinum band which ensures it continues to stand the test of time.

Elements Gold 9ct White Gold Tanzanite Diamond Center Flower Pendant Only GP781M

Tanzanite Jewellery for December Birthdays

Playful but stunning, this icy blue Elements piece is another beautiful pick.

Arranged in the shape of a beautiful blooming flower, six navette-cut tanzanite crystals make up the design. They’re brought together with a small diamond set into the centre, which only enhances the beauty of their pale blue hue. Impressively, this versatile pendant strikes the perfect and rare balance between effortlessness and elegance, meaning it’s wearable for any occasion. Whether you let the lucky recipient add it to their everyday necklace for a glamour pop of colour or treat them to an all-new high-quality chain, this Elements pendant is sure to be a treasured choice.

Greenspark 18k White Gold 1.73ct Tanzanite Diamond Ring RN5684

For some old Hollywood-style glamour, we love this tanzanite ring from Greenspark.

Forming the centrepiece of the design is a cushion-cut tanzanite crystal dressed with a halo of small pavé diamonds. The tanzanite sits on a luxurious band, which features yet even more diamonds. To maximise the ring’s sparkle, each of these many diamonds in the design boasts a round brilliant cut. Moreover, increasing the ring’s longevity and glamorous sheen, the band is solid 18k white gold.

James Moore TH 9k White Gold Diamond Tanzanite Drop Earrings ED253WT

Another showstopping piece is this James Moore tanzanite earring set.

Each earring features a square-cut tanzanite drop pendant, which is cut into a cushion shape. Encircling it are pavé diamonds that allow the earrings to dazzle brilliantly under light. Each pendant is then anchored to a stud on the ear that features a similar design. However, the central tanzanite that sits on the lobe is more of a square cut, with its framing diamonds arranged around it accordingly. Meanwhile, complementing the cool tones of the gemstones, a 9k white gold base stud and setting hold the design in place. Finally, a matching 9k white gold butterfly closure secures the design to the ear.

James Moore TH 9k White Gold Teardrop Tanzanite Stud Earrings ED243WT

Tanzanite Jewellery for December Birthdays

Our next earrings are more of an everyday-glam counterpart to the set above.

Although more simplistic in design, these earrings are nonetheless just as stunning. Set into a 9k white gold bezel setting, a teardrop-shaped tanzanite gemstone sits proudly at the centre of each earring. With their petite size, these earrings will make a valuable addition to any earring look and will surely become a staple piece in any jewellery collection.

And that concludes our list of Tanzanite Jewellery for December Birthdays! Whether you found what you were looking for or not, we hope that this guide inspired some budding gift ideas. But, if you can’t get enough of tanzanite after reading this post, be sure to browse our full range of tanzanite jewellery here.

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