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Seiko Unveils New Cocktail Time Watches

Seiko Unveils New Cocktail Time Watches

Today, Seiko unveils new Cocktail Time watches! The launch features two brand-new timepieces that are exclusive to Europe and the United States. The Cocktail Time collection has become a much-loved part of the iconic Presage family. Many dedicated Seiko fans eagerly await each new launch in this range, and today’s launch will be no exception.

Seiko’s Presage collection is designed around timeless looks and precise mechanical timekeeping. The watches in this family all have minimalistic designs with distinctly Japanese aesthetics. The brand’s Cocktail Time watches are inspired by the Japanese custom of ‘Nomunication Hour’. This time takes its name from a combination of the work ‘nomu’, for drink, and ‘communication’. It describes cocktail hour – a time to talk things over. Each model in this collection is named after a different drink mixed by Hisashi Kishi, the head bartender at Star Bar in Tokyo’s Ginza area.

Seiko’s New Cocktail Time Watches

Seiko Unveils New Cocktail Time Watches

“Beer Julep” Presage Cocktail Time SRPK46J1

The first watch in this launch is the “Beer Julep” model. As its name suggests it is inspired by the “Beer Julep” cocktail served at Star Bar, Tokyo. This cocktail is created by mixing Japanese beer with whiskey, gin, sugar syrup, lemon and basil leaves. The dial resembles the view of this drink through a glass. It is gold in colour and features gold baton indices alongside gold hands and a date display. The dial is protected by box-shaped Hardlex glass and framed by a gold-tone stainless steel case. The case measures 40.5mm in diameter and 11.84mm in depth. It also features a display case back to reveal the calibre 4R35 automatic movement within. This timepiece is secured using a gold-tone stainless steel bracelet to create a modern monochrome look.

“Half and Half” Presage Cocktail Time SRPK48J1

The second model in today’s launch is the “Half and Half” Presage Cocktail Time. The dial resembles the view of a Star Bar “Half and Half” cocktail when observed through the glass. This cocktail mixes Japanese ale and stout to create a golden creamy classic. The warm tones used in the design of the dial capture the full-bodied, rich and smooth flavours of this unique drink. The dial exhibits a cream-to-brown gradient, creating the perfect backdrop for gold hands and indices. The timepiece is powered by an automatic movement that provides up to 41 hours of power reserve. This is housed within a 40.5mm gold-tone stainless steel case. The “Half and Half” watch is finished with a bold gold-tone stainless steel bracelet.

What do you think of Seiko’s Unveiling of New Cocktail Time Watches? Which of the two new models is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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