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Maurice Lacroix Launch AIKON #tide Camo Watches

Maurice Lacroix Launch AIKON #tide Camo

Today, Maurice Lacroix launch the AIKON #tide Camo watches. This is exciting news for fans of the brand as the new models have a look that has not been seen before in the collection. This launch consists of four brand-new timepieces that are “made for the urban jungle” of modern cities. Maurice Lacroix’s reputation as a long-standing and well-respected Swiss brand ensures this new collection is full of high-quality and excellently designed timepieces.

The AIKON #tide Camo Watches

The brand has subverted traditional camouflage design by combining the pattern with bold, modern colours. Despite its heritage of blending in, camo has become a favoured city design and is often seen in contemporary street style. Maurice Lacroix has designed this new collection to stand out against billboards and neon lights. The new watches use innovative #tide technology to “unite exclusivity and sustainability in one stylish ensemble.

#tide and Maurice Lacroix have an ongoing partnership that spans across the watch brand’s collections. #tide upcycles ocean-bound plastic waste. They collect bottles from the seas in areas of Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. These are then turned into fibres that can be used to make a huge range of things. Seventeen bottles are used to make just one #tide Camo watch and its packaging. This means that a huge amount of plastic waste is being prevented from entering the ocean thanks to this launch.

The New Watches

There are four variants of the new Maurice Lacroix AIKON #tide Camo, and each is limited to just 1000 pieces. The brand has set aside traditional khaki camo in favour of fresh shades including storm blue (AI2008-B88AZ-000-0), green park (AI2008-D33DZ-000-0), frappucino beige (AI2008-IJJIZ-000-0) and arctic pink (AI2008-2991Z-00A-0). Each of the watches features a dial adorned with luminous hands and indices alongside a date aperture. The dials also all feature a “vagues du Jura” design which has been included as a nod to Maurice Lacoirx’s home of the Franches Montagnes. The dial of each watch is framed by a 40mm case made from coloured #tide ocean plastic.

The watches are all powered by reliable Swiss quartz movements. The brand’s reputation as a luxury name reinforces the quality of the movements behind the modern style of these new timepieces. Each timepiece is finished with a coloured camo-design M-branded rubber strap. The camo pattern of each strap is random, meaning that every single one is unique. The straps are also compatible with the brand’s Easy Strap Exchange System, so can be swapped out for other compatible Maurice Lacroix designs.

What are your thoughts on the Maurice Lacroix launch of the AIKON #tide Camo? Which of the colours is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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