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Introducing ChloBo Man to First Class Watches

Since its discovery in 2005, ChloBo has gone from strength to strength. Thanks to their many successful women’s collections, the brand decided to relaunch its men’s offerings; ChloBo Man was reborn. 

The collection is a seamless blend of elegance and masculine design. The pieces may look simple on the outside, but many of them have deeper meanings and attributes. Today we will break down the ChloBo Man collection as well as recommend some of our favourite pieces.

A brief overview of ChloBo Man

The British-born jewellery brand originally launched its men’s offerings in 2016.  Their boho-inspired pieces didn’t fit in with the typical leather bracelets and trending pendant necklaces of the current time; hence their relaunch in 2023. The main focus of the brand is to create jewellery that any man can look at and know they can pull off. The combination of yellow gold-plated sterling silver and tiger’s eye is a key pairing evident amongst many of the ChloBo Man pieces. This fresh and different mix gives the brand quite a contemporary feel.

Each piece of ChloBo Man jewellery has been approved by AnchorCert Protect. AnchorCert Protects against all known metal allergens, making it safe for your skin, even if you already have allergies. With a wide range of jewellery to choose from, there is bound to be a piece from ChloBo Man that will bring a sense of style to the everyday man. 

Our Favourite Pieces

ChloBo MAN Sterling Silver Black Lava Bracelet SBBLBULM

Sterling Silver Black Lava Bracelet

Featuring a singular bullet bead between two saucers and a string of black lava, this bracelet provides a striking look. This bracelet can be worn alone to complement a monochrome outfit or be stacked with other ChloBo Man pieces to create a wrist full of beautiful bracelets. Black lava is a grounding stone that helps you to feel connected to the earth. The natural stone is known to offer courage and stability to the wearer. 

The sterling silver bullet bead in the middle of this bracelet is a feature that can be seen in many ChloBo Man pieces. It helps to break up the solid block of colour and adds to the masculine energy created in this collection. 

ChloBo Men’s Curb Chain Compass Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace SNCC13236M

CloBo Man pendant

Believed to provide you with a sense of direction, this compass pendant necklace is greatly suited to those men who enjoy adventuring in style.  This stunning sterling silver necklace is a solid piece for a clean-cut look, whether worn alone or stacked with other necklaces. If you want to layer this necklace among others, the feather pendant sterling silver necklace from ChloBo Man is the perfect choice. 

The fine chain used to hold the charm creates quite an elegant image. However, it does not take the attention away from the statement compass piece. This necklace will help spruce up any outfit, and it should be an essential accessory in any man’s wardrobe. 

ChloBo MAN Gold Tiger’s Eye Urban Set of 2 GBSETTEM

Gold Tiger's Eye Urban Set of 2

This simple yet bold set of bracelets is perfect for those men who like to stack their jewellery. With the pieces already coming in a set, you can be guaranteed that they complement each other well. The iconic combination of yellow gold-plated sterling silver and tiger’s eye is used to pair these bracelets together. Tiger’s eye symbolises resilience and endurance; the gemstone brings willpower and courage to its wearer. 

These beaded bracelets are both comfortable and contemporary. They perfectly showcase what ChloBo Man is about and how they create stylish jewellery that any man can wear confidently.

If you want to browse more pieces from this collection then click here to view our selection.

What do you think about ChloBo Man? Have we tempted you to buy a piece of their jewellery? Let us know in the comments below!

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