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Celebrate Christmas with Swatch and The Simpsons

Celebrate Christmas with Swatch and The Simpsons

Following on from the recent announcement of a Swatch and The Simpsons collaboration, the brand has announced festive special edition timepieces! The launch consists of two bold designs that are sure to get you into the holiday spirit. Swatch has embraced The Simpsons’ philosophy of bringing more laughter into our lives by designing unique wristwatches inspired by everyone’s favourite animated family. Swatch’s fun and vibrant designs make the perfect pairing with the iconic aesthetic of The Simpsons. If you are looking to celebrate Christmas with Swatch and The Simpsons, keep reading to learn more about the new timepieces.

The Swatch X The Simpsons Christmas Watches

Celebrate Christmas with Swatch and The Simpsons

Wondrous Winter Wonderland SUOZ361

This watch is designed in bright red tones to give the wearer that festive feeling. The dial of this watch features a bold printed design that includes all of the members of The Simpsons family. They are all wrapped up to stay cosy whilst carol singing in the snow. The dial features silver hour and minute hands alongside a green second hand. This dial is framed by a red plastic case, measuring 41mm in diameter and 9.85mm in depth. A red silicone strap secures this watch. The bold red strap is printed with a humorous design of The Simpsons-shaped gingerbread men. The gingerbread men can be identified as members of this favourite family by their iconic hairstyles. The strap is finished with a contrasting blue loop and buckle.

Swatch X The Simpsons Christmas watch

Tidings of Joy SO28Z126

Designed in cool blue tones, this watch makes the perfect winter accessory. The design of this model is inspired by the very first episode of The Simpsons. The blue dial features a printed design of Lisa and Bart singing carols in the snow. A star-shaped Maggie is printed on the dial to create an eye-catching 3D effect. The hands of this watch are red and green to add an extra touch of festivity. The case of this watch is made from blue bio-sourced material and measures 34mm in diameter. This case size makes it a perfect fit for any The Simpsons fan. The watch is finished with a blue silicone strap. The top half of the strap features a carol singing Marge and Homer is featured on the bottom section of the strap. The design is completed with a contrasting dark blue loop and bold red buckle.

Will you celebrate Christmas with Swatch and The Simpsons? Which of the two new watches is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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