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All-New Suunto Race Watches

All-New Suunto Race Watches

Today, the all-new Suunto Race watches are available for purchase! Announced by the brand last week, these new timepieces have gained a lot of attention. These new sports watches are specifically designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts. They are built for athletes who want to improve their performance and challenge themselves. This impressive launch consists of two watches providing the choice between a titanium or stainless steel finish. If you are searching for a perfect fitness companion, keep reading to learn more about the all-new Suunto Race watches.

Fitness and Wellbeing Features

All-New Suunto Race Watches

The all-new Suunto Race watches are designed to help their wearer maintain a healthy balance between training and recovery. The timepieces are equipped with a multitude of features to encourage this balance. The Suunto Race can track training, recovery and progress easily using a range of sensors. The watch is capable of measuring Heart Rate Variability. This allows the wearer to access their recovery state and keep track of their personal statistics.

Free detailed maps can be downloaded onto the watch, allowing the wearer to easily navigate their activities. The watch uses free global maps, so the wearer can depend on it for navigation. This feature ensures that the wearer will be able to easily navigate in any part of the world. 95 sports modes and 50 sports apps are available on the SuuntoPlus store. This huge variety means the watch is ready to track anything and everything. Workouts can be planned in the Suunto app and synched with the watch. This feature provides the wearer with real-time guidance and coaching. In addition, these watches are equipped with some general smartwatch features. These include weather forecasts and music controls, that make the wearer’s daily life a little easier.

The All-New Suunto Race Watches

This launch includes two models: a titanium version and a stainless steel version. Both versions of the Race come in a classic black colour palette. The watches are military tested to ensure optimal durability and reliability. They are able to withstand temperatures between -20°C and +55°C. The Race can be worn in almost any environment that the human body can withstand. The high-resolution 1.43″ AMOLED display can be personalised to show the wearer’s most used features. This streamlines the data that is immediately accessible. Additional features are easy to access using the new digital crown feature. Sapphire crystal protects the display.

The battery life is one of the most impressive features of the Suunto Race watches. The battery will last up to 40 hours in GPS mode and up to 26 days in standard mode. These time frames are more than adequate for the average user. An athlete will never be left without their companion whilst out on a workout. Water resistant up to 100 metres, the Suunto Race can be worn for some water-based activities.

If the Suunto Race watches have caught your eye, click here to browse the titanium model. Click here for the stainless steel model.

What are your thoughts on the all-new Suunto Race watches? Are you in the market for a new sports watch? Let us know in the comments!

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